Latest News : What Your Wallet Might Say About You


What Your Wallet Might Say About You

Hey there,

My wife Suzette is the perfect opposite of what the worst hoarder in the world is. When we got married, she secretly tried to give away the 62 t-shirts that I had collected from the great trips and events of my life. She hated/hates collecting and clutter and gave away almost everything we owned. I used to think she was crazy. That she needed an intervention.

BUT then... she designed the Big Wallet. And she stuffs it full of EVERYTHING THAT WILL FIT and some things that can’t. I think I saw a squirrel in there the other day. Seriously ridiculous. I’m not exaggerating. To me, a wallet is meant to fit just an ID, some cards and some cash and that’s it.

It’s funny that of all things, wallets have shown me that it’s not wrong to value different things. They say a lot about how different we are and that’s why I’ve designed so many. I wanted every one of the types of people below to have one perfectly suited for them.

But now I’m testing and trying various wallets to boil it down to the best of the best for each type of person. I’m launching the new Medium Leather ID Bifold Wallet today, a few others I brought back for a limited time: Trifold Wrap Leather Wallet, Front Pocket ID Bifold Wallet and Thin Passport Leather Wallet, and some I’ll be discontinuing down the road. Again, it’s a matter of designing and creating and testing and trying. It’s just what we do here at Saddleback. Check them out and check out our guide to really pick the exact wallet for you.

Medium Leather ID Bifold Wallet - $85.00


Read here to see all of our wallets compared side by side and to see if we’re right about the different types and see if you have the wallet that we think you should have.


The Minimalist

This personality’s core desire is to live by the KISS principle, Keep It Simple Stupid. All they need is an ID, a couple of cards and a little cash. They are often heard asking, “can I Venmo you?” They also have a multitude of loyalty reward program app on their smartphone. They’re mission is simplicity and they enjoy a hard boiled egg...minus the yolk. You might like: Card Sleeve Wallet, Business Card Wallet, Pouch Wallet, Front Pocket ID Wallet, Front Pocket ID Bifold Wallet.



The Traditionalist

Traditionalists knows what they like. They like the classics and holding onto traditions passed down for generations. They’re the ones who always have cash and can break your $20 bill. Routines and structure doesn’t regulate them, but allows them to strive and build into their strong work ethic. Their worst nightmare is giving up their favorite pair of jeans where that back pocket wallet is worn through just right. Oh and scrambled eggs is the preference. If you fit, you’ll probably like: Small Bifold Wallet, Medium Bifold Wallet, Trifold Wallet, Large Bifold Wallet, Front Pocket ID Bifold Wallet.



The Traveler

Consumed by wanderlust...Passport, check. Phone/Camera, check. Good book, check. This personality is enthusiastic and will choose an adventure over almost any tangible possession. They are the collector of currencies, self proclaimed photographer and foodie. They’re often come across as a mathematician talking numbers and exchange rates. Eggs must be poached. You’ll like: Passport Wallet, Long Billfold Wallet, Long Trifold Wallet, Big Wallet.



The Gentleman

So the model for this one is actually my little brother Jonathan. As much as this makes me laugh, he really is a gentleman and a true romantic to his wife, Janelle. Did you know he was actually a model? You’ll have to ask him about that one, I swore to secrecy by needle and drops of blood to share of any details. Oh, but this personality is chivalrous, suave and virtuous. They always send flowers on those nationally celebrated anniversaries. They might be the ones to say, “I only have a $100 bill, will you have change?” Ok maybe not, but seems to fit. Eggs benedict please! Great wallets for gentlemen: Large Bifold Wallet, Long Billfold Wallet, Long Trifold Wallet, Big Wallet (I think minimalist options above could also be desired.)



The Collector

This person has a budget and will take a copy of the receipt every time. Sure they like loyalty reward programs, but need the hard plastic card to feel secure. Typically, they’ll probably have a back-up hard drive of their already backed-up hard drive, just in case along with hard copies stored in the file cabinet. They love social interaction and multi-tasking. I bet they are really good at trivia as well. They’ll always get an omelet...with everything in it, but hopefully not onions. I HATE ONIONS! There’s only one...maybe two wallets for the collector: Long Trifold Wallet, Big Wallet Beyond these, you’ll have to shop our satchels.