Love 41

Love 41 was started by Suzette Munson (wife of Dave Munson, Saddleback President) and her sister Tina Lytch. They were motivated by a deep desire to help the many hurting orphans, widows and street children Suzette found on her first visit to the country of Rwanda in 2010. Rather than try to accomplish this monumental task on her own, Suzette realized that she and Tina could multiply their efforts by partnering with like-minded women. To gain their attention, Suzette began to do one of the things she does best – design. Since Saddleback already had the capability of manufacturing high-quality leather goods, the best plan was to use those facilities to produce women’s leather products such as backpacks, totes and purses. The profits from the sales of those products would be used to further the mission of helping the helpless around the world through education, job training, the teaching of God’s Word and numerous other avenues. With that, Love 41 was born and today continues toward its goal of reaching those less fortunate in places far and near

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