Leather AirTag Keychain Case - The Rivet

0.10 lb

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All of our leather AirTag keychains are designed to hold that AirTag inside without a chance of it coming out. Besides the pressure of the leather holding in the AirTag, the rivet in The Rivet also acts as a second line of defense to block the AirTag from sliding at all. 

This is not just a leather keychain for AirTags. This leather case is just right for keeping emergency guitar picks, British Pounds, Euros, dollar coins like Susan B. Anthonys and a folded up $20 dollar bill for back up. Or for emergency medicine, just in case. 

Product Details
100-Year Warranty


Dimensions (W x H x D)
2" x 4" x 0.25"
Weight: 0.1lbs

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(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Rivet saved the day!

    I bought the Rivet case because it looks like a regular keyfob and doesn't attract attention to its function. Now I love it for another reason! Today my keys dropped out of my pocket onto the street. When I found them it was obvious they had been run over, and I thought, "There goes my AirTag." Pieces of asphalt were so deeply embedded in the case right over the AirtTag, I had to get something to dig the gravel out. The AirTag was safe as could be because it was encased in a Rivet keychain case. The case had taken all of the hit and done its job keeping my AirTag safe and discreet. What's more, the stitching and rivet were still as good as before, only the leather took the hit. Now the case has authentic battle damage and a lifelong fan.

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    Best option

    I have ordered and use the Rivet, the Sleeve, and the Ring. The Rivet is I think the best overall choice and balance between the competing elements of size, security, and ease of use. The Ring is great, but it is a little tricky getting that smaller ring on, and I'm not looking forward to changing the battery. The Sleeve is easy, but just doesn't "feel" as secure as the others (it probably is, but…). The Rivet (I have the Teardrop) is only a little bit bigger than the ring, and yet it incorporates a secure "pouch" that is at the same time easy to use. Chicken dinner, and a great product.

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    Stylish, Convenient, & Great Value

    The Rivet is perfect on the keychain. It's a great size, full grain leather feels great to the touch, keeps the Apple Airtag secure, and looks amazing! No more lost keys or FOBs anymore. Not to mention that your dollar goes way further with Saddleback than anything else on the market. Good deal!