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Product Overview

Quality- The Love 41 City is a Women's Leather Backpack made from full-grain leather, nothing less. It is the strongest and most resistant grade of leather there is and the zippers are a very high quality super smooth zipper from Spain. You're going to love this. 

Leather- The grain of a hide is like the shingles on a roof. The grain is the thin top layer of any leather hide that is really tough and resistant to stains and water soaking through. When a cowhide comes into the tannery, it's really thick, so they usually split the top half from the bottom half, the full grain layer from the rest of it. Then they have two hides to sell to leather backpack makers, an expensive quality one and a cheap low quality one. We use hides that have the full amount of grain on the hide (full grain). 

This is our best-selling women's leather backpack because it's the bag for everyday use. It's a great size for an adult, but could also be used by a teen or medium-sized child. It has three super-convenient exterior pockets (one zippered and two with nipple rivet closures), adjustable leather backpack straps and a built-in carrying handle.

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
11" x 14" x 4"
Front Zippered Pocket: 8.50" x 6.50" x 3"
Top Front Nipple Rivet Closure Pocket: 8.50" x 3.25" 
Lower Front Nipple Rivet Closure Pocket: 10" x 4.50"
Exterior Pockets: 4" x 6" x 1.50"
Adjustable Strap Length (Total): 30"
Weight: 2.80 lbs

The story behind this leather bag
This leather backpack is one of Love 41's best selling backpacks because of it's perfect size, looks and quality. It is made with the strongest and most water resistant leather we could buy (full grain) and sewn with a great German thread that won't fall apart with exposure to the sun. 

I began to really see a need to create smaller leather backpack to add to our line up.  I wanted to come up with a design that would be perfect to carry the basics and that could be worn by an adult, or medium-sized child or teen. I think this backpack hit the mark on all those things and more! I love the super soft full-grain leather and the convenience of its ideal size. When you need something small and light with room for your essentials, I think the Love 41 City Leather Backpack is the perfect choice! As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.


(36 reviews) Write a Review

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    Quality is off the charts.

    Quality is off the charts. I bought the bag for my daughter and when it arrived, I was concerned about the size. It didn’t matter because she loves it. Thanks.

  • 3
    Was a gift so all

    Was a gift so all I know is that they liked it

  • 5
    This was a gift and

    This was a gift and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The color is so rich. It will be perfect for traveling, hiking, shopping.. literally everything!

  • 5
    The perfect EDC backpack!

    Was on the fence for a year about the L41 City Backpack. Seemed either too big or small. When I got it, wow...immediately fell in love. It’s the perfect size for an EDC, holds a to of stuff, the inside hidden pockets are convenient and of course the quality is unbeatable. It definitely gets beaten, pulled and tugged on a daily basis...without even the slightest hint of damage! Love this backpack! Jus wish they were discontinuing it. A great purchase!!

  • 5
    Best Everyday Backpack

    I got the City Backpack in Black and love it. I was afraid it might be floppy or soft, it is not even remotely floppy! Very sturdy and protective of my stuff inside. The size of 14x10, or 14x11 is my target ‘ideal’ size, and this bag fits in that slot very well. The leather and the design make it very packable and will hold much more than it might appear. The zipper pockets allow me to keep keys away from phone screens, and still be easily available. There are several pockets that close with the tiny knob that create a space on the exterior for a longer item. Very convenient. Very well thought out. Well , it’s from Suzette, so of course it’s well thought out! I love it. Cannot think of a single negative about the City Backpack. 10 out of 10.