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Quality Materials
Leather- Imagine you paid someone to put a new roof on your house and they didn't put shingles on it. Would you be happy? Well, leather is like a roof and the tough top layer of grain is like the shingles. It's really strong and resists stains, water and tearing, but some companies make leather backpacks with really cheap leather that doesn't have any grain on it. The thick leather hide was split in half at the tannery and the expensive top half that has the full amount of the grain on it (Full Grain) was sold to quality companies like us and the bottom half was sold to bottom dwelling companies that make women's leather backpacks for people who don't understand quality. The split away part ,with no grain, is technically called Genuine, Split or Suede leather. Leather backpacks made of leather that has all of the grain on it (full grain) is expensive and long lasting.

Zippers- Of all of the zippers in the world to match the quality of the leather of this women's leather backpack, we chose his expensive yet quality zipper from Spain. You may find yourself sitting there zipping and unzipping your leather backpack because it is so strangely satisfyingly.

Functionality- This women's leather backpack is designed to age beautifully. It is different from our other leather backpacks in that it can be carried as either a backpack or a zippered tote (backpack straps are detachable and adjustable). It has one interior zippered pocket, an exterior front zippered pocket, and a small exterior pocket on each side to fit your cell phone or other device. It's a leather backpack that is large enough to carry all 13" laptops.

Product Details

Fits a 13" laptop
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
14.90" (Top) & 10.20" (Bottom) x 13" x 6.80"
Interior pocket: 9.40" x  8.80"
Front Exterior Zippered Pocket: 7.20" x 5.50"
Two Side Pockets:  6.80" x 7.40"
Strap Length: 60" (End to End)
Weight: 3.45 lbs

The story behind this leather backpack
This Universal Leather Backpack was not designed based on what is trending right now in the fashion world in the Spring or Fall of this particular year. It is designed with timeless universal thinking and built to be passed down at least two generations. You may not even have a daughter right now, but your granddaughter will be wearing it one day. The quality lies in the full grain leather and the thread because those two things are what determine the longevity and quality of a leather backpack. It is the highest grade leather there is. And therefore the toughest and most water resistant. The thread is the highest grade German thread we could find. This may not mean much to most people, but it does to us. The Polyester thread is more expensive but does not fall apart with exposure to the sun, like Nylon does. This leather backpack is a keeper.

I love things that are functional and beautiful too and that's why I love this new Love 41 Universal Leather Backpack! We have some amazing backpacks here at Love 41, but what makes this one different from the rest is that it's both a bag and a backpack. The style and look sets it apart and its functionality makes it incredibly practical for everyday use. I love the way it feels when I'm wearing it- super comfortable. This bag is also great for organization, which makes finding all my stuff inside really easy. The perfect combination of bag and backpack-what more could you ask for!


(46 reviews) Write a Review

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    Perhaps would prefer a different

    Perhaps would prefer a different fastening mechanism for the packets. But time will tell. However live the bag and very satisfied so far.

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    Workhorse bag

    I originally bought the Saddleback Little Big Mouth backpack thinking I could use it for work. Unfortunately it wasn't big enough to carry any of my folders, however, it was such a well made backpack and I loved the leather, that I had to get something else. Enter the Universal Backpack. It doesn't look like a traditional shape for a backpack with the straight zipper right across the top, but the video showed that it opened wide and it could carry a laptop sideways. I figured it would fit file folders and the rest of the stuff I "need" to carry with me.

    I was right! It fit everything I "needed" to bring with me, and it feels nice on the back. It just nestles right on top of the rump and doesn't dig in, which is a plus for me. The backpack straps are nice and thick and don't feel like they'll stretch, yet they are thin enough so they don't dig into my shoulders. This bag is practically perfect.

    I'm not going to knock any stars off as the things I would like are probably unique to me. I sometimes commute via light rail and use a pass that you use to tap on and tap off, so I like to keep it attached to one of the backpack straps, so a ring attachment or holes where I could run a ring though it would be great. The other thing I would have liked to have would have been a pocket on the back, where it rests against my back. A large flat open pocket would be nice so I could slip some papers or my phone in and have it be easy to get to without having to unzip the top.

    This is a lovely backpack, and I am happy I got it!

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    Show me that you love me:)

    Yeah, I'm a Universal BP fan. I love this bag! Want to know how much? I have one in chestnut, tobacco, black, and dark coffee. Funny thing is I was not attracted to this bag at first. At first glance, it looked rather plain. But I took the leap and purchased my first one because I liked the size. As I broke in my first Uni (chestnut), I came to re-evaluate the plainness as actually understated functionality and elegance. I don't use this bag as crossbody because it's perfect in every way for me as a backpack. It holds everything I ever need to carry. I keep my stuff organized in pouches. But I switch around between Uni's, so I also have a super lightweight organizer made by Chameleon Inserts. Easy to grab all the innards at once and plop it into the bag of the day. Check out Chameleon. Another woman-owned business. Love their stuff. But I digress....

    I received my dark coffee bag yesterday (June 2021). And while I've proven my love for the bag design, I'm also writing this review for all those DCB naysayers, me being one of them. This color has its following and I was just never one of them. But I have to say that this run of DCB is GORGEOUS. It's deep and rich and not stiff. The wonder of the color lurks in the beautiful pullup.

    Don't tell my other Uni's, but this one is my favorite right now! :)

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    Perfect EDC for this busy mom!

    I needed a bag to use every day that could carry all my "needs". I used the tote for about a year but it just wasn't an EDC for me. Then I purchased the incredible red clutch which was great for quick trips to the store to keep essentials. But....with 5 kids I needed to have a lot of things in my bag! This Universal Backpack is a perfect size. What makes it even more incredible is that it can be worn as a backpack, crossbody, and shoulder!! Great design, Suzette!

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    Super fun bag to carry

    Versatile, easy to visualize all contents from the top. Keeps it’s shape. Sturdy bottom. Nice accessible pockets.