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Quality Materials
Leather- Imagine you paid someone to put a new roof on your house and they didn't put shingles on it. Would you be happy? Well, leather is like a roof and the tough top layer of grain is like the shingles. It's really strong and resists stains, water and tearing, but some companies make leather backpacks with really cheap leather that doesn't have any grain on it. The thick leather hide was split in half at the tannery and the expensive top half that has the full amount of the grain on it (Full Grain) was sold to quality companies like us and the bottom half was sold to bottom dwelling companies that make women's leather backpacks for people who don't understand quality. The split away part ,with no grain, is technically called Genuine, Split or Suede leather. Leather backpacks made of leather that has all of the grain on it (full grain) is expensive and long lasting.

Zippers- Of all of the zippers in the world to match the quality of the leather of this women's leather backpack, we chose his expensive yet quality zipper from Spain. You may find yourself sitting there zipping and unzipping your leather backpack because it is so strangely satisfyingly.

Functionality- This women's leather backpack is designed to age beautifully. It is different from our other leather backpacks in that it can be carried as either a backpack or a zippered tote (backpack straps are detachable and adjustable). It has one interior zippered pocket, an exterior front zippered pocket, and a small exterior pocket on each side to fit your cell phone or other device. It's a leather backpack that is large enough to carry all 13" laptops.

Product Details

Fits a 13" laptop
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
14.90" (Top) & 10.20" (Bottom) x 13" x 6.80"
Interior pocket: 9.40" x  8.80"
Front Exterior Zippered Pocket: 7.20" x 5.50"
Two Side Pockets:  6.80" x 7.40"
Strap Length: 60" (End to End)
Weight: 3.45 lbs

The story behind this leather backpack
This Universal Leather Backpack was not designed based on what is trending right now in the fashion world in the Spring or Fall of this particular year. It is designed with timeless universal thinking and built to be passed down at least two generations. You may not even have a daughter right now, but your granddaughter will be wearing it one day. The quality lies in the full grain leather and the thread because those two things are what determine the longevity and quality of a leather backpack. It is the highest grade leather there is. And therefore the toughest and most water resistant. The thread is the highest grade German thread we could find. This may not mean much to most people, but it does to us. The Polyester thread is more expensive but does not fall apart with exposure to the sun, like Nylon does. This leather backpack is a keeper.

I love things that are functional and beautiful too and that's why I love this new Love 41 Universal Leather Backpack! We have some amazing backpacks here at Love 41, but what makes this one different from the rest is that it's both a bag and a backpack. The style and look sets it apart and its functionality makes it incredibly practical for everyday use. I love the way it feels when I'm wearing it- super comfortable. This bag is also great for organization, which makes finding all my stuff inside really easy. The perfect combination of bag and backpack-what more could you ask for!


(46 reviews) Write a Review

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    Perfect size

    I have been using my Chestnut UB for a few weeks and love it. I bought it and then returned because I thought it would be too small, but then after trying a few more backpacks I bought it again. I wanted to get the "perfect" one since the price is up there. I think this one was worth it. I can carry all of my work stuff and it doesn't weigh me down. One issue with my All in One--is that I can fit so much in it that I can also overpack my work bag! This ULB stops me from overpacking, but leaves me feeling like I have everything I need. The quality is wonderful and the Chestnut is SO PRETTY! I only carry it as a backpack now, but I like the idea of being able to switch when I want. Great purchase!

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    Universal backpack

    Bag arrived yesterday. Upon opening the box and removing the burlap sack it came in, it was love at first sight for me. I have several SB bags and they're all beautiful, but this is by far my favorite. Saving up for my next Love 41 purchase.

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    The perfect Backpack

    I purchased the universal backpack in tobacco to use as a gym bag. What an amazing choice! It has exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Everything fits in and when I put it on it feels like part of me. Not too big not too little. I put a smaller water bottle on the outside pocket sometimes but I usually have a large one on the inside with shoes and other items for the gym. I will also use this bag when I travel and I’m every other situation where I need something besides my every day carry which is by the way the medium bucket tote in the same leather. I live in Alaska and right now it’s raining a lot and when I take it in and out the raindrops are dry by the time I get back in the car and it looks brand new. If you were on the fence about any kind of a backpack, this is an amazing choice.

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    Love at first sight!

    Have you ever purchased a bag that was love at first sight?! Well, that's my experience with my new Universal Leather Backpack! I recently won a one-of-a-kind one from a Love 41 auction.
    When I received my shipment and unwrapped it, it was absolute love at first sight but to be able to smell the amazing leather scent and feel the pebbly leather exterior and suede interior sealed the deal! It's a fabulous design to use as an EDC and I don't anticipate moving out of it anytime soon. I may eventually purchase one in a different color - that's how much I love this bag! It's comfortable to carry as a backpack and as a shoulder or crossbody carry. Ive even purchased a fantasy crossbody strap to wear with it This is my absolute favorite Love 41 design hands down! If you prefer med to large sized bags, look no further. It holds more than your average daily essentials. I encourage you to buy one and I promise you won't be disappointed. :)

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    Review for The Undecided

    If you are a long time Saddleback owner you can skip this review. This is for people like myself that read 1000 reviews and end up obsessing over the negative ones worrying about their future purchase going wrong...especially when shipping and returns aren't free!
    I was looking for a new work bag and saw a fellow veterinarian reviewing his new Saddleback briefcase. I wanted one! I started reading reviews all over the internet and on leather forums. I got tripped up by the negatives and the "quality isn't the same..not worth the price" category. I literally went to every alternative leather shop mentioned on reddit and in leather forums seeking a comparable alternative option (and I mean i looked up every tannery, artisan, etc). Guess what? I couldn't find one. Many of these other shops may well be using a higher quality this that or the other but I wanted a bag that looked exactly like the Sadddleback bags and with the same functionality and "over-engineering". I honestly could not find one! You may find something similar but they will only sell one design and it's not what you need, or the bags look like you are going to work on Wall Street (apples to oranges). Okay, so Saddleback it is!

    Next I needed to pick my bag. I wanted a briefcase but looking at the weights and seeing them on a man's body I knew they would be too much for me at barely 5'2". I thought about the Thirteener but it felt too narrow. I decided to go women's section tote/backpack. I was very happy with the fact that my purchase would help support other women in need. After watching every video on every back 5 times (okay, I'm lying at least twice) I decide on the backpack leather tote. By the time I went to place my order it was out of stock (Lesson....do not wait on your Saddleback! Things go out of stock quickly!). Back to the drawing board as I needed this bag ASAP. After a lot more hemming and hawing I decide on the Universal Leather Backpack in Tobacco. I was concerned it may not have enough pockets. I was concerned my laptop would be too tight in it and not leave me any space. Is Tobacco to light? The questions! I call and place my order anyway after a nice email with Candice in customer support and the waiting begins. Of course the next day I get any email that the Leather Backpack Tote is back in stock!!! Sweet injustice and one more thing to wonder about.......

    I placed my order Monday and by Friday my box arrives. As soon as I remove the tape the amazing smell of a leather saddle wafts at me through the crack! Ughhh I'm already in love. My bag is wrapped in a burlap sack. I would later read in my delivery email that I should prepare to be underwhelmed by the packaging on my new bag. That admonishment was unnecessary as my kids were fascinated by this sack and it kept them busy playing for a couple of hours! My son is now re-using it as a carry bag for Hot Wheels. I catch a glimpse of my backpack through the compostable bag inside and I'm almost squealing with delight. The Tobacco color is absolutely beautiful and like it says in my delivery email this is the ugliest my bag will every be! The bag has plenty of room inside for my 13 inch macbook pro with room to spare on top and all around. In the main compartment I have my laptop, a huge Day Designer Planner, a file folder, my stethoscope, a make-up bag, and the rolled up tote/crossbody strap and there is still room to spare. After adding a 16 ounce Swell Water bottle to one of the side pockets the main compartment gets a bit smaller but the water bottle fits no problem (I left the water bottle in a side pocket overnight last night and the pocket stretched out perfectly to accommodate it. I left the other side pocket tight so I could slide my Iphone in and have a snug fit. In the inside slide pocket I have a bag of face wipes and a bag of sanitizing wipes. The inner zipper pocket has my wallet and a passport in it. The outer zip pocket has keys, lip balm, and some random things with room to spare. In other words this little bag is a work-horse and it looks gorgeous right out of the box! At my height I will say that it's extremely comfortable as a backpack, a little less so as a cross-body, and the least as a tote. The tote strap is very long and even on the shortest hole the bag looks little awkward against my body. Oh...and I forgot...the zips from Spain....they are a bit tight when you first use them. I spent awhile just zipping them back and forth to get them to slide smoothly past the seam area. I'm sure this will continue to improve as the bag loosens up, and the sound and feel of the zipper are actually kind of like a stress relieving fidget toy.

    If you have made it through to the end of this review you deserve a free gift! In summary.......Don't hesitate on your Saddleback bag! The Universal Leather Backpack holds more than it appears and is much more beautiful in person! You will find an interesting use for your burlap sack! BUYER BEWARE- Purchasing your first Saddleback bag will not keep you from wanting a second ( Now I want my Backpack Leather Tote even more than before)!