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Thin Front Pocket Leather Briefcase


Thin Front Pocket Leather Briefcase. A Laptop Bag description with Pelicans and Storks in Gabon

The Thin Front Pocket Briefcase Backpack In Depth Explanation

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Fantastic product!

Fantastic product!
21st Mar 2021
Jeremiah W.

Bought this as a gift

Bought this as a gift for my husband completing his Master's. He absolutely loves it.
5th Mar 2021
Samantha E.

Beautiful!!!! I am a female

Beautiful!!!! I am a female and love the size and look.
2nd Mar 2021
Teresa P.

Beautifully stitched and handmade bag

Beautifully stitched and handmade bag
13th Feb 2021
Mark B.
The briefcase is made of thin, rugged leather and is perfect for carrying a laptop.

Design of the Thin Leather Briefcase

This thin leather briefcase is over-engineered with no breakable parts like magnets, zippers, velcro, snaps, buttons, etc., and is reinforced at all stress points with rivets and hidden polyester strapping. Leather stretches, but these straps do not. Since the weakest area on a leather briefcase is the seams, it was designed with as few of them as possible. It's built with the largest pieces of leather possible, so there are fewer seams, and we sew at only five stitches per inch, so there's more leather between the needle holes and fewer holes to start a tear. If the holes are too close together, then it is like perforation. There is a light colored pig suede interior so that you can see inside the slim leather briefcase in low light. And that means the already super tight and resistant exterior is backed with an even stronger lining. We chose this lining over a soft, sweet, shiny nylon fabric with a world map to make you feel big and strong.

Materials used in this Thin Leather Briefcase

Our cow leather is the strongest we can find (full-grain boot leather, but thicker). It still has all of the grain on it. Usually, companies shave off the top part of the hide to get rid of the scars. But that's like shaving off your roof's shingles to make your house look better. You take away the strongest and most protective part of the hide.

This thin leather briefcase was designed with tough pigskin lining. The thread is unbelievably strong industrial marine grade UV resistant polyester thread, and our custom hardware is the amazing 316 Stainless Steel (please, please google it). It's the metal of choice when your life depends on it. There's no other minimal laptop backpack like it.

This thin leather briefcase is perfect for carrying a 15-inch laptop, has a detachable shoulder strap, and D-rings on the bottom for attaching tripods, jackets, or blankets.

The functionality of this Slim Leather Briefcase as a Small Laptop Backpack

This thin leather briefcase is the perfect small laptop backpack when you attach the shoulder strap to the back d-rings and pass it through the O-ring on the back. The front pockets also have hidden pockets behind them. And, of course, it has a false bottom for hiding cash and passports and d-rings for strapping on tripods, jackets, and blankets.

The Perfect Amount of Pockets

These thin leather briefcases have a main compartment that is the perfect size for a 15-inch laptop and a notebook, along with a charger and charging cables. It also has two inside pockets for pens and pencils. Then on the front of this slim briefcase, you have two great pockets that buckle closed, keeping things like your wallet or phone safe in transport.

Behind those pockets are two more pockets that make it easy access to place your cell phone or even a power hub. This is a great bag to carry your essential belongings to a meeting or to float down a river in Africa.

The Saddleback Thin Leather Briefcase is made of high-quality full-grain leather and is handmade with precision to ensure durability.

Detachable Shoulder Strap

Not everyone likes a shoulder strap on their thin leather briefcase, and sometimes you just need a quality thick strap of full grain leather for other things. So in this thin leather briefcase, we made a detachable shoulder strap that is also adjustable.

D-Rings On The Versatile Thin Leather Briefcase

The bottom of the thin leather briefcase has four d-rings that can be used to hold anything from your umbrella to a rolled blanket or tent and use it like a knapsack. Think outside the office, away from business; it is more than an elegant and stylish way to carry your laptop or notebook. You can look professional or casual with this rugged thin leather briefcase. It is a great bag to have on your back when you go hiking, fishing, or shopping.

A Key Strap

A leather key strap inside the main compartment holds your keys, so you don't have to search for them at the bottom of your bag. No more fumbling around for your keys!

This slim leather briefcase is a tough, over-engineered small laptop backpack with no breakable parts, stress points reinforced with rivets and hidden polyester strapping, and a light colored pig suede interior.

Back magazine pocket

Yes, we even put a back magazine pocket in this briefcase. You know, when you are on that long flight and just want to unwind with some Field and Stream, or maybe you want to catch up on the latest National Geographic. Now you have a place to put it!

The different colors of this Thin Leather Briefcase

We offer this thin leather briefcase in four colors. The natural color of tobacco brown might be the most common, but some people prefer a different style. So for those, we also offer this as a black leather briefcase, chestnut, and dark coffee brown. So find your personal style in this elegant thin leather briefcase.

The Perfect Size Thin Leather Briefcase For A 15" Laptop

This slim leather briefcase is big enough to hold everything you need but not too big or bulky. The dimensions of this briefcase are 15″ x 11" and only 3 1/2" thick. This makes it only weigh 5lbs; it is like nothing when you wear this on your back or shoulder.

We do make larger bags, but not everyone is trying to carry a 17" laptop along with a gaming chair in their briefcase. But we do take into account those that need to take a 17" laptop, and we have a larger leather laptop bag for those.

No Cheap Zippered Pocket, this is a Grown Ups Slim Briefcase

Zippered pockets are great to appease a baby, but a zipper has no place in a professional briefcase like this. See, zippers do not last 100 years, but full grain leather does. So, if you're going to make something that lasts a lifetime, use materials that will also last a lifetime. Unfortunately, a zipper is the first thing to go on a laptop backpack, and then the whole bag falls apart. This is why we don't use them.

When You Shop For A Thin Leather Briefcase, Shop For Quality

Don't just go to the department store and see what they have in stock without taking a seat as a researcher. Search around and discover it goes deeper than the price. Look at the warranty or return period, then look at the materials that they used to create the leather briefcase.

You will not find anything about handmade, the only hands that touched it was the slave labor overseas that placed it in the box.

If it does say leather, it will probably include the term genuine leather briefcase, which means there is some type of leather product in the briefcase. Typically it is just bonded leather, scraps glued together so well that you might not notice until after the return period. So search around; I am not making this up.

They price this junk to sell fast, not to last, or they won't make much money. They will also not be pigskin lined because, again, they are not going for longevity.

What makes The Saddleback Thin Leather Briefcase Better

We care about much more than making money. Sure, that is required to keep a company running, but we care more about making quality leather goods. This is the reason we use only the highest quality materials, and the most durable construction methods possible. Making a difference is our goal in every life that we touch with our designs, so we take it seriously when we say that we will warranty your purchase for 100 years.

Made With The Best Full Grain Leather

Our Thin Leather Briefcase is made out of the toughest, full-grain leather. This is the top layer of the hide and has all of the grain, making it tougher and more water-resistant.

Most companies will use a cheaper, thinner leather that is easy to process and falls apart in a few years, but not us. For our products, we only use the highest quality materials because we stand behind each one of them.

Handcrafted With The Utmost Precision

This leather briefcase is handmade by our expert craftspeople, who have been making some of the best leather goods in the world for decades. They take their time and make each piece with the utmost precision so that your briefcase will last a lifetime.

You Can't Go Wrong For Features, Style, and Quality

You can not go wrong if you need a thin leather briefcase that has it all. This briefcase has the perfect amount of space for everything you need, and it looks great too. It is handmade from the best materials and construction methods so that you know it will last the rest of your laptop using days.

These briefcases will make a great impression on business trips, running to the office, or going to a client site. They are also great as a small carry-on, and you can even tuck your passport in the hidden compartment and have easy access to your wallet and cell phone in your pockets. We thought about every detail.

Product Details

Key strap

Back magazine pocket

Two internal side pen pockets

Shoulder strap adjusts long from 34" - 59" (fits guys from 5 feet to 8 feet tall)

Interior back pocket

Holds most 15" laptops

Dimensions (W x H x D) 

15.00" x 11.00" x 3.50""

Weight: 5 lbs

100-Year Warranty

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  • Posted by DK on 19th May 2021
    Thin Front Briefcase
    The quality is great. I wasn't expecting it to scratch so easily. If I brush it with a fingernail it scratches. I have had it for a month and it looks much older.
  • Posted by Jeremiah W. on 21st Mar 2021
    Fantastic product!
    Fantastic product!
  • Posted by Samantha E. on 5th Mar 2021
    Bought this as a gift
    Bought this as a gift for my husband completing his Master's. He absolutely loves it.
  • Posted by Teresa P. on 2nd Mar 2021
    Beautiful!!!! I am a female
    Beautiful!!!! I am a female and love the size and look.
  • Posted by Mark B. on 13th Feb 2021
    Beautifully stitched and handmade bag
    Beautifully stitched and handmade bag