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My son, Cross, and I (in Morocco in the picture below) take this leather travel chess set with us wherever we go around the world and play. We write on the back where we played, the date and who won. In the video above, we do not have the new leather chess piece bags or checker pieces. This was our first one and we since added those bags. 


Design- The 20" leather tournament sized chess board itself is the bag. It rolls up and fits into the external frame that has a cap at both ends and a shoulder strap so it turns into a travel chess set. It comes with three leather bags. One bag full of dark chess pieces, one bag full of light chess pieces and one bag full of leather checkers. 

The heavy wooden chess pieces are made by craftsmen in Poland and have felt bottoms. Each piece has unique variances. The leather checker pieces are made at our own factory in Mexico. Set contains small pieces: please keep them away from small children, hungry dogs, and vacuums.

Leather- The leather we use for this travel chess set is full grain leather, which is the best leather you can buy because it still has the full layer of grain on the top of the hide. A lot of companies buy much cheaper leather that has had the top layer shaved or split off and sold to me, while they use the bottom half of the hide. That's like shaving the shingles off of your roof. They should be ashamed of themselves. 

Thread- We use no thread on the travel chess set board. It is just leather. But we sew the travel bag frame that the board rolls up into, with the strongest thread we can possibly use. It is a UV resistant industrial strength polyester thread. 

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