Leather Travel Chess Set

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My son, Cross, and I (in Morocco in the picture below) take this leather travel chess set with us wherever we go around the world and play. We write on the back of the chess set where we played, the date and who won. In the video above, we do not have the new leather chess piece bags or checker pieces. This was our first one and we since added those bags. 


This travel chess set has a 20" leather tournament sized chess board, which makes the bag when it rolls up. It rolls up and fits into the external frame that has a cap at both ends and a shoulder strap so it turns into a travel chess set. It comes with three leather pigskin bags. One bag full of dark chess pieces, one bag full of light chess pieces and one bag full of leather checkers. It is a leather travel chess set like you've never seen. 

travel chess set father son travel raccoon

The heavy weighted wooden chess pieces of this travel chess set are made by craftsmen in Poland and have felt bottoms. Each piece has unique variances just as wood does. The leather checker pieces are made at our own factory in Mexico. This chess set contains small pieces: please keep them away from small children, hungry dogs, and vacuums. 

leather travel chess set in the Sahara Desert Morocco

Leather- The leather we use for this travel chess set is full grain leather, which is the best leather you can buy because it still has the full layer of grain on the top of the hide. A lot of companies buy much cheaper leather to make their chess sets that has had the top layer split off from the bottom half of the hide. That's like shaving the shingles off of your roof. There should be a law against making the greatest game known to man, out of junk leather. Chess sets should be made with dignified.

Thread- We use no thread on the travel chess set board. It is just leather. But we sew the travel bag frame that the board rolls up into, with the strongest thread we can possibly use. It is a UV resistant industrial strength polyester thread. 

These are the reasons why this leather travel chess set will live longer than you will. There's nothing to break and it has been made with the best materials we could find. 

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H)
Exterior: 20" x 20"
Weight: 4.90 lbs

The History Behind this Travel Chess Set
Back in 2005, I went to visit my brother living in Tunisia, North Africa. But first, I wandered around Eastern Europe for awhile. It's very very beautiful and wAY cheaper for guys who owns little leather companies and don't have much money. 

So, in Prague, I found a great little wooden travel chess set to take to play with my brother on. It was one of those chesss sets that folds in half and has a little brass clasp on the edge to hold it together. I stuck it into my leather suitcase and carried it all over the place until I got to my brother's place in Tunis. 

travel chess set in the sahara desert in leather satchel

I left most of what I had at the American embassy and then headed out with him to check out the country and play chess. I couldn't believe how cool that country is. When we got to the Sahara Desert in the south, we left the rest of our stuff in the car and only brought my leather briefase with that little travel chess set inside. After our camel caravan reached the Saharan camp, we busted that chess set out and played a couple of games. And then in the morning, after our cous cous, we played a few more. I remember exactly who won the majority of the games, but I had sand in my eyes the whole time, so that was pretty hard. But I remember I wanted to have a chess set. And that's when I started thinking through the perfect design for a leather travel chess set. 

It took a lot of different tries and attempts making different sizes and types of travel chess sets, but finally was completely happy with this one. I just wish I would have had it on this trip.


(55 reviews) Write a Review

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    "Heavy" is subjective

    Neat set. Perhaps providing the mass of the King will give someone an indication of how weighted these pieces may be, because if you are looking for a set with "heavy" weighted pieces, this may not be the set you are looking for. My King (dark) measures 41 grams. Height is approximately 3.75" with a 1.5" base diameter.

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    Leather Chess Board

    Beautiful chess board. Leather is top quality and I love the portability of it. Folds and stores pretty easily and I look forward to seeing it develop a nice patina over time. Chess pieces are wooden and nicely made but I would have loved to see more premium pieces with a little added weight to them. Overall though, it’s a beautiful item to add to your collection.

  • 5
    Glenn. Quebec, Canada

    First off, quality and craftsmanship are second to none, and are typical to Saddleback Leather. No matter where I travel..serious RV camper here, I’m almost always asked where did you get that. It has certainly revived interest in an old game (checkers) and enhances an even older game, chess…they even provide two Queens…which almost never happens.
    I have suggested a couple product improvements and have received a favourable response.
    Great company, great products and very responsive staff. AND YES…THERE WILL BE FIGHTS OVER THIS WHEN IM GONE. Just like my other SB products. In my opinion…you can not go wrong with this.

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    This thing is amazing. Goes

    This thing is amazing. Goes everywhere with my son and I.

  • 5
    Great conversation piece on trips.

    Great conversation piece on trips. The size and quality is exception compared to other travel chess sets out there. Truly an unique set