Simple Leather Coin Purse

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A Lifetime Coin Purse
This coin purse will be one of those dear things they clean out of your desk drawer after your funeral and then fight over who gets it. It's not big enough to leave in your will, but I promise you, they're going to want your coin purse. Not for the change in it, but for the look of it.

Here's are the fine details that make the difference between your coin purse being fought over or being thrown away when you're dead.  

A Long Lasting Leather Coin Purse
Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a cow is killed and skinned. Okay, now that hide is sent to the tannery and it’s thick skin is usually split, the top half from the bottom. Now the tannery has two hides to sell to leather coin purse and bag makers. The very expensive top half of the hide is called full grain because it still has the full amount of grain on it (Grain is to leather what shingles are to a roof). The grain is the top layer of super tough, tight and water resistant fibers that protected the cow during its life and what gives leather it’s bareknuckle tough reputation. They sell it to coin purse and bag manufacturers with thick wristed, calloused handed skilled craftsmen like ours. 

Short Living Leather Coin Purses
The super low priced bottom half of the hide is less dense, lighterweight, has no grain and the fibers are loose than the top half. It’s sold to low quality manufacturers somewhere over the ocean whose craftsmen have soft little tear stained hands. That leather coin purse will fall apart because it can’t keep the moisture in or out very well and dries out quickly. The bottom half of the hide is called split or genuine leather and is painted and shined up to make pretty coin purses. That’s like a roofer PAINTING pretty shingles on the decking of your roof instead of laying shingles down.

Perforated Pre-Torn Coin Purses
A sewing machine is really just a perforation machine because every needle hole is the beginning of a tear in the coin purse or pouch. If the needle holes are too close together then it will tear like perforated piece of paper. We purposely sew our leather coin purses at no more stitches than 7 per inch. A lot of coin purse manufacturers sew theirs at 9 plus stitches in a single inch.

And the holes are less likely to when the needle holes of the coin purse are through our dense quality grain of the leather. But if there's a needle tear in a coin purse made with loose fibered genuine or split leather, then when the leather dries out in those holes, its tears will expand and your tears will flow.

Thread- Leather coin purses sewn with low quality nylon thread will fall apart in time because the thread is made from a whole lot of really short fibers wound together to make a long thread. Those fibers release from eachother with light friction, heat and UV light and then the coin purse falls apart. Our expensive German thread was engineered to last long and be very strong. It is made from long continuous filaments of Polyester with no breaks in it. Polyester is horrible when fabric is made with it but great when thread is made with it. In bedding and clothing, it causes poor sleep, infertility and skin problems but when a leather coin purse is sewn with it, it causes great joy and also great fights. 

Lining- Instead of lining our coin purses with some shiny pretty nylon fabric that tears, we've glued and then sewn tough smooth pigskin to the back of the already tough and thick full grain leather. Because the pigskin is tougher than the cowskin, that makes our leather coin purses and pouches twice as strong as long lasting as everyone else’s.

Coin Purse Details
100-Year Warranty

Coin Purse Dimensions (W x H x D) 
2.75" x 3.50" x 1" 
Weight: 0.20 lbs


(57 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Good for jewelry!

    I actually bought this as a small container for my jewelry. It’s been great when I travel and I don’t worry about my things getting crushed. It also doesn’t look like a jewelry holder - a plus for traveling! Really versatile piece. Glad I bought it!

  • 5
    Own 3 of these timeless

    Own 3 of these timeless beauties, best way to store coins in the car imho…clean, tidy and beautiful!

  • 5
    As always. It's well made

    As always. It's well made and gets better with age. I must confess I have out my headphones in there is a nice addition to my classic rounded satchel.
    I preferred the bear trap purse for my coins

  • 5
    A just because gift!

    Purchased this for my husband for some charging cords and he loved it! Thanks Dave!

  • 5
    A superb pie e of

    A superb pie e of leather goods. Delivery was a little longer than expected but darn worth the wait. Kids are all ready claiming it.