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A simple quality leather desk pad is the foundation upon which great offices are built. They'll fight over this one when you're dead.

Thoughts on Creating a Respectable Office

I believe a simple and plain foundation is the key to creating an office that is warm and respectable. The desk is the center of most offices and so build around it. Let it be plain but good looking and then build around it. On the desk, I always think a leather desk pad is key. Not fancy or ornate, but just simple. Leather is rich and natural and known as the quality material. But let your pictures and hourglass and magnifying glass be what draw the eye, not your desk or leather desk pad. They just set the stage. It's like having a plain and simple shoebox of a home. The ivy growing up it, the walkway approaching it and the choice of trees and hedges around it are what make it beautiful as a whole. 

I believe things in 3's are important in design. 3 is the divine mark of perfection and is found throughout nature. That's why the eye is so drawn to 3's. That's why we have this leather desk pad, the normal leather mouse pad and the large leather mouse pad, which I used to call the Monitor Pad. Together, the three make a triangle or a complete set in your mind and break up the space. Do one or do three, but don't just do two. It will feel incomplete. 

I believe your shelving needs to be plain, but build on it with great books. By the way, I like to take the paper jackets off of my books because I think they look better matte than shiny. Leatherbound books always make an office look nice. Accents. 

I believe that lighting is one of the keys to an office that people talk about. Certainly a lamp on the desk is a must. Go for an antique that has lasted for at least 60 years. If it has lasted 60 years, it will last another 60 years. I have bought two different antique looking lamps from Restoration Hardware that only lasted about a year before they became loose and started leaning. And they aren't repairable. Why would someone sell crap like that?

And last but not least, the scent of your office counts. You have the feel, the lighting, the textures, but don't forget that rich scent of leather, of which these desk pads emminate. All of these are considerations for having an enjoyable and memorable office space.

Thoughts on this Leather Desk Pad

Leather has always been the writing pad of choice throughout history because it has "bounce". You want the pen to sink in slightly and bounce back to pull out of the pen just the right richness from the width of the tip. You can feel the difference if you are writing on a piece of paper that is on top of a stone or glass top. No fun. And our leather desk pads have a slight bit of high density Neoprene beneath the leather to give it a raised look and a little more bounce. 

The bottom of the desk pad is lined with suede to protect the surface of the desk and to keep it from sliding. I assume all desk pads have something like that, but I'm not sure. The thickness of the leather and pad will even out any desk whether it be of pallet or plank.

The leather of this desk pad is full grain leather, which means that it has all of the grain still there. The grain is the toughest and most water resistent part of the hide that is only on the surface. Most companies shave off the top part of the hide to get rid of any of the character of the hide like scars or tiny bug bites, but in doing so, shave off the hardest and toughest part of the hide. Like taking the shingles off of the roof. It sometimes takes a long time to find just the right hide to cut such a large piece of leather from, but it is worth it. We throw a lot of our leather away because we cut around the ugly scars and blemishes. When there is still a little of the grain left, that is called Top Grain Leather. It is still good leather, but not the best. If all of the grain is gone then that is called Genuine Leather. It stains easily and will fall apart before long.  

Whatever you do, don't get a bonded leather desk pad or a vinyl one. You will be shamed by your co-workers, if only in their minds. You will be a failure in all you do and be the scourge of your generation. Better to write the rest of your life on a mossy surface than to be quietly disrespected by all you pass by. Don't do it.

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Normal Leather Mouse Pad 
11 1/4" W x 9" H
Large Leather Mouse Pad (formerly known as the Monitor Pad)
16" W x 12" H
Large Leather Desk Pad
25 3/4" W x 17 3/4" H

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