Medium Leather Portfolio

1.50 LBS
9.75 (in)
13.50 (in)
1.00 (in)

Product Overview

This Medium Leather Portfolio is simple, but hours and hours poured into the design to keep it simple. It's built with just one solid piece of leather to reduce seams because seams are where, if there's going to be a problem, it's on a seam. And we sew at only 5 stitches per inch so there's more leather between the needle holes and fewer holes to start a tear.

We only use full grain leather, and it's thick. by option of the grain (toughest most water resistant part of the leather) has been taken off to get rid of scars and blemishes. And then we lined it with pigskin, which is stronger than the cow skin. And our thick thread is very strong industrial marine grade UV resistant polyester. There is no longer lasting leather padfolio on the market.

It's designed to slide in a typical 8 ½ x 11 letter size or European A4 notepad from above or a spiral notebook from the side since that flap is sewn only on two sides. The pigskin has the smooth side showing for papers to slide in and out easily with a simple pen holder above that is designed to fit a wide range of pens securely.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
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Dimensions (W x H x D)
9.75" x 13.50" x 1"
Weight: 1.50 lbs