Small Leather Portfolio

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Product Overview

We know it's just a small leather portfolio, but we over built it so it would last for a long long time.

No Breakable Parts- There are no breakable parts like zippers, snaps, buttons, magnets or velcro.

One Solid Piece- And we designed the body with just one solid piece of leather instead of two or 4 pieces. It's more expensive to make that way because we end up with a lot more scrap leather after cutting, but it's what quality requires. The less stitching and seams, the stronger the leather portfolio. Seams are where tears always start and what causes your tears to flow.

Stitching- This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. We only sew these leather padfolios at 5 stitches per inch so there's more leather between the needle holes. A sewing machine is also known as a perforation machine, especially when the holes are really close together.

Leather- We only used full grain leather. Not the inferior top grain, genuine or split leather. A brand new hide has what's called "grain" on the top layer. That grain is the toughest and most resistant part of the whole hide. Any leather padfolio with that grain still on, full grain leather, is expensive. If the top tough layers has been split or shaved off, then the leather (genuine, suede or split leather) is really cheap to buy. But it's like buying a roof with no shingles. That's a big difference in quality and price in the leather portfolio world. And we use full grain leather for our notepad holders that is thicker than boot leather. 

Lining- Instead of lining the leather portfolio with a pretty shiny fabric, we lined the padfolio with tough pigskin which is actually stronger than the cowskin.

Thread- Our thread is the longest lasting thread we know of, and we use the thicker version of it to sew our leather notepad holders. Just trust me here. It's a UV resistant continuous filament polyester thread. The good thing about polyester is that it lasts forever. The bad thing about polyester is that it lasts for ever. In the form of clothing and sheets, I'm against it because of the health and sleep problems associated with it, but in the form of thread sewing together leather portfolios, I'm okay. 

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
6.25" x 8.75" x 1.00"
Weight: 0.75 lbs

What Fits
5 x 8 Notepad

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(47 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Or Course I Buy from Dave

    I have been a Saddleback customer since 2009, when I bought my first bag for a coworker going on to bigger and better things. If you have ever grown up with old appliances that never broke, you may have some idea of what it's like to own a Saddleback Leather item. Dave charges a fair price when you consider you are purchasing something that will last your entire lifetime. I will continue to buy from Dave because I value quality and that's a difficult thing to find these days.

  • 5
    A review for pen and paper snobs :)

    I LOVE this portfolio! The smell is hypnotic and quality superb. As a lover of all things quality I knew I wanted use a Rhodia notepad because of its paper quality. So I bought an A5 Rhodia Dotpad and took it to Office Depot to have them trim off the excess width to fit this portfolio. It cost me $2.59 to have two notepads trimmed. In pen loop I fit a Karas Kustoms Retrakt pen perfectly. I have the perfect setup now, YAY!

  • 5
    Excellent quality. Well thought out

    Excellent quality. Well thought out design. Another classic.

  • 5
    Like everything I gotten from

    Like everything I gotten from saddleback. 100% happy with my purchase

  • 4
    A Happy Birthday after all!

    Very happy with the color and quality of this portfolio! Absolutely beautifully made. Then I was disappointed that it would not fit a standard A5 journal. It looked like it would in the pictures, but alas it does not. If only it were 1” larger all the way around. I would have returned it, but I had it monogrammed for my daughter. What to do. I searched for a journal that would fit, but to no avail. Finally, I walked into a store and discovered the answer to my prayers (literally)! A Moleskin Hard Cover Notebook, and a Moleskin Sketch Pad that fit perfectly! The perfect gift for my 14 year old daughter that loves to journal and loves to be creative! She was overwhelmed, and kept admiring the wonderful hand made leather, the stitching, and rivets. What a fantastic gift!