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Product Overview

The Most Psychologically Pleasing Sheepskin Slippers For You

Below is a Men’s Sheepskin Slippers Buyers Guide. Our goal is to help you find the most psychologically pleasing and longest-lasting quality slippers possible, regardless of whether or not you purchase a pair from us. We really hope all of our research and experience helps you to make a wise, educated decision as you shop.

I designed the world’s most appealing men’s slipper, and I am confident in saying that it is also the comfiest, longest-lasting, healthiest, and best-looking men’s sheepskin slipper on the market. If there are nicer ones available elsewhere, I have yet to find them.

  • Slip into a pair of Soft, Simple, and Resilient Men’s Saddleback Sheepskin Scuff Slippers

  • The uppers of the shoes are made of tumbled and supple full-grain

  • 100% sheepskin-lined to the interior

  • A cloud-like cushion that is high-density for extra comfort.

  • Our men’s sheepskin slippers are made of traditional, full-grain leather and have an indoor/outdoor sole.

  • These sheepskin slippers are 95% natural and biodegradable.

  • The soft, comfortable design makes it easy to slip the slippers on.

  • They come with a 90-day warranty.

Why Sheepskin?

Not only is sheepskin ultra-comfortable, but it’s also antibacterial and hypoallergenic. In addition, it wicks away moisture, so you don’t have to worry about sweaty feet, and it regulates temperature well too- making it the perfect slipper for cold weather or all-year use! On top of that, sheepskin is very durable.

A Buyer’s Guide for Men’s Sheepskin Slippers

When choosing a pair of Men’s Sheepskin Slippers, it is essential to be an educated buyer. It would help if you think about what you want and can afford. You also need to ensure that you will be warm and happy all year with your purchase.

How I Created The Best Men’s Sheepskin Slippers

I have used different men’s sheepskin slippers for the past 12 years and investigated countless negative reviews while shopping on competitor’s websites. I can see why some people wanted to throw them out the window. Sold on their marketing and advertising, unsuspecting customers didn’t check the feedback details in the reviews. I wanted to make the best, so much so that I learned from a famous shoe designer in person. I also trialed various designs over 18 months before arriving at the current model - which is not only comfortable but psychologically appealing too.

Things You Need To Know When Shopping

  1. What’s the difference between shearling and sheepskin, slippers versus scuffs, suede vs. full grain leather, and other terms you need to be aware of?

  2. Why are some slippers so costly and others so inexpensive?

  3. What are the characteristics of the finest sheepskin slippers?

  4. Sheepskin Slipper Definitions:

You must first educate yourself on the proper terminology to purchase the best pair of men’s sheepskin slippers.


- A shoe without a heel covering, allowing your foot to glide in hands-free. Perfect for lounging around the house. A properly made scuff will have a full-grain leather sole.


- Shearling is made from the skin of a sheep that was slaughtered soon after it was sheared. This allows the sheepskin to breathe and is more flexible.


- Deceptive fake sheepskin or leather, often made with polyester, vinyl, or other synthetic materials designed to look like authentic natural materials. Suppose you are shopping for anything of quality and see faux; shop elsewhere. It is super relevant that that site is trying to sell you junk. You usually will not see it in the ads and probably not even in the details when navigating their website pages.

Packed Out

- When you wear the sheepskin slippers for a long time, this is the effect you will achieve. It occurs as a by-product of pressing, flattening, and compressing the sheepskin to the sides or beneath your foot.

Suede/Genuine/Split leather

- The bottom half of the leather hide, which is split off from the top half of the hide and has a lesser density, cost, difficulty in cleaning, and ease of stretching. In other words, the garbage you get from cheap slippers. If you see these words when shopping for men’s slippers, that is your sign to shop elsewhere if you are shopping for quality.

Full Grain Leather

-The sturdy and hardwearing top 25% of the cowhide has all the powerful, tight resistant fibers known as grain. This is the good stuff that we use at Saddleback Leather Co.


- The portion of the slipper that encases your foot from the top to the sides of your feet.


- The upper part of the slipper is attached to the sole by the visible stitching. Usually, high-quality boots and dress shoes are welted.


- This is where the upper is attached to the sole more quickly and cheaply by gluing it.

Outsole or Sole

- The surface area of the men’s slippers that comes into contact with the ground. Suede, artificial, rubbery, or solid natural leather is used to make it.

Insole or Footbed

- What the bottom of your foot physically touches when you slip it into the slipper or scuff.


- Cushions or pads between the sheepskin and the outsole absorb shock and make the sheepskin slipper more comfortable after it has been packed out.


How They Make Sheepskin Slippers So Cheap

Don’t ask, “Why are these men’s sheepskin slippers so pricey?” but rather, “Why are those other ones so inexpensive?” They use various methods to trick customers and offer them at such a low price. We’d rather compete on the quality because competing on price is a race to the bottom.

Trick #1 Made WITH Sheepskin

-They place a small amount of genuine sheepskin in a visible area and use faux polyester sheepskin everywhere else. By doing this, they can technically say that their product is “made with high-quality sheepskin”.

Trick #2 Glued On Sheep Hair

- In the cutting process, they shear the hair from scraps of useless sheepskin and glue it onto a thin skin. The hair rubs off easily, leaving bare spots. Not the kind of junk that I want my feet in.

Trick #3 Made With “Genuine” Leather

- The low-cost bottom half of the hide that was separated from the top half is referred to as suede, split or genuine leather. It stains easily and is so difficult to clean because it is hard to remove stains. It also stretches very easily. Although it’s an ok material in defense of genuine leather, compared to something like bonded leather or vinyl, it isn’t nearly as nice as full grain leather.

Trick #4 Cheap Soles

- A glued-on, low-cost thick spongey foam sole costs $0.75. A glued-on thin, low-cost rubber sole - $1.00. Our classic expertly welted thick leather sole is $12.00. Saddleback Leather is the only company in the world that sells sheepskin slippers with a classy solid full grain leather bottom.

Trick #5 Cheap Padding

- By utilizing cheap memory foam from Walmart, they might initially feel like you’re walking on a cloud, but soon enough, it will compress and break down quickly. It’ll feel just like you’re walking on hardwood floors in only a few months. Save yourself the headache (and back pain) by saying no to memory foam in slippers.

Trick #6 Built With Cheap Synthetic Materials

- Shoes and slippers become smelly because bacteria grows on polyester and other synthetic materials. As a result, your feet sweat, germs grow, and you must wash your slippers multiple times because the layers aren’t breathable. Natural sheepskin will wick away moisture to keep your feet dry.

Trick #7 Cheap Nylon Thread

- For a reason, it deteriorates rather quickly and is only half the price of Saddleback’s industrial strength Polyester thread.

Trick #8 Almost Free Labor Costs

Suppose Cheap Sheepskin Slippers are made in a country with a documented prison slave factory system and an outsourcing program for factories to utilize their 9 million known slaves to save costs. In that case, it’s one reason they’re so cheap. Countries like this one across the pacific imprison people for things as little as having a Bible study, but it works out for them. They can sell these low-quality cheap mens sheepskin slippers to Americans that do not know what they are supporting. They pour tons of money into marketing and advertising. You see their ads, those slippers might look like your style, and if they manage to make a sale, they’ve just made a $40 profit on a product that cost them $2 to produce. Crazy, huh?

They Can’t Be Trusted

It’s the same country that has been documented as violently eliminating an entire people group, harvesting and selling their organs, jailing, torturing, and executing individuals for having a religion while encouraging unlawful thievery and copying. Can you trust these bad people to be honest about the padding, leather, sheepskin, glue, and manufacturing processes they claim they use to make sheepskin slippers? You may check it out for yourself to verify if what I’m saying is true. Please choose Sheepskin Slippers made ANYWHERE but there. There are several choices. Don’t pick the cheapest option available. Be better, learn about these labor camps, and cancel any transactions for items that are made with slave labor. Collectively, we can join together and address the problem by having the integrity not to buy these products that the wrongfully imprisoned people create.

What characteristics define the best sheepskin slippers?

Natural Breathable Materials

  • - The reason all high-quality boots and shoes are made mostly of natural materials like leather and sheepskin is more than just style and preferences; it is because those materials allow heat and air to flow through them. When there is a synthetic layer, it blocks the heat and moisture from leaving, which then reflects onto your foot.

Long Term Comfort -

  • Slippers are initially pleasant, but they might be miserable after a year and will not improve with time. Thick sheepskin provides good cushioning, but when it packs out, you’ll want a high-density foam to absorb the impact of your stride. NO TO MEMORY FOAM. It will make any slipper feel like something purchased at Walmart.

Long Term Fit

  • - Choose a rugged and non-stretchy upper, so they don’t get loose inside from too much squatting and other active movements. Full grain leather has tighter fibers, doesn’t stretch as much as suede, and will last longer. You can also look for reinforcements between the sheepskin and leather that help prevent the upper from becoming too spacious.

Good Looking -

  • Keep your dignity while wearing comfortable Men’s Sheepskin Slippers. I designed the scuff for Saddleback, and in my opinion, it is the most stylish and best-looking sheepskin slipper that has ever been on the market. The sole is solid and gorgeous, giving the scuff a mature grandfatherly feel to it. It’s cool, just flat-out cool.


A Casual Feeling Sole -

  • When you’re just relaxing at home, the last thing you want is a slippery slipper that forces you to constantly use extra effort to move it around. You also don’t want too much grip, so shuffling or spinning your feet becomes challenging. Just enough grip so it’s easy and casual - not a lot of work.

A Comfortable Sole

  • - The upper will take the strain and stretch if the sole is too rigid and does not bend when you squat down. It won’t last as long if it’s too squishy and floppy. My favorite sole material is solid vegetable tanned leather because it softens, bends, and lasts for years.

A Versatile Indoor/Outdoor Sole

  • - Suede soles are wonderful for indoor use, but you’ll get little stones and grit caught in them if you go to the mailbox or your car. Suede absorbs moisture readily when the ground is wet. Natural rubber is a great alternative. Synthetic soles are ideal for walking outdoors, although they aren’t as comfy indoors and aren’t breathable. The material of Crocs slippers is light, making them ideal for outdoor footwear. The soles of vegetable tanned leather shoes, like my favorite indoor and outdoor sheepskin slipper sole, are excellent on wet sidewalks. They’ve been utilized for the soles of nearly all high-end boots and shoes, having previously served as the sole of every shoe in history until someone coated the bottom of military boots with rubber near the conclusion of World War I. I broke my toe over Thanksgiving, so I wore my prototype slippers to church and work, rain or shine, for almost three months straight. Now they’re perfectly broken in.’

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

  • - Suede uppers are tough to clean and show stains easily. Full grain leather is simpler to clean and repels staining and water damage better. It should be conditioned every year though. Sheepskin is antibacterial and doesn’t require cleaning as often. Spot shampooing works for small areas, or you can let baking soda sit on the stain for 24 hours usually does the trick. Faux sheepskin or synthetics must be cleaned more because bacteria grows quickly on them, which causes bad smells.

Break In Period

  • - If they’re natural, breathable sheepskin slippers that need to be broken in like a baseball glove or a great hiking boot, you’ll have to wear them in for two weeks. Typically, two weeks of regular usage is enough to work correctly, although this may vary based on how long throughout the day you wear them. The longer the slippers take to stretch out, the less they’ll stretch after stretching, and the better your long-term fit will be. If you buy shoes that fit perfectly right away, it’s possible you made a mistake.


  • -Even the strongest objects succumb to wear and tear over time, including these slippers. And when they finally do fall apart, you can throw Saddleback’s away, knowing that they will almost completely decompose into dirt.


How to Clean Sheepskin Slippers

Cleaning sheepskin slippers if they become smelly is a straightforward process that most people can do. This occurs most frequently in sheepskin slippers made of many synthetic and artificial materials. That’s where germs thrive. However, if you’ve got Saddleback Leather Sheepskin Slippers, that won’t be an issue since they’re constructed with 95 percent natural ingredients that breathe and drain moisture effectively. Follow these simple instructions to keep yours fresh.

How To Get That Stink Out Of Sheepskin Slippers - Rinse off your feet before putting your sheepskin slippers on. They may smell if your toes are already stinky when you put them on.

  • Light Stink -Sprinkle baking soda inside your men’s sheepskin slippers and leave them to sit for 24 hours. Then vacuum them out.

  • Medium to High Stink - Freezing your men’s sheepskin slippers for 48 hours will help eliminate medium to high levels of stink.

How To Clean Your Sheepskin Slippers of Dirt or Extreme Stink - If something terrible happens to your mens sheepskin slippers, here’s how you could clean them.

  • Sheepskin Inside - Dampen the sheepskin with water and shampoo it lightly with shampoo--avoid detergents. Place an absorbent towel over the sheepskin, then step on it for 10 seconds before turning to a dry spot on your towel and repeating. Don’t try to dry the sheepskin too quickly; instead, let it air-dry at room temperature in a well-ventilated area or beneath a fan. Never use a blow dryer.

  • Full Grain Leather Upper - Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe it down. Water has little effect on full grain leather, and Saddleback uses full grain leather. If you want to condition your mens sheepskin slippers more frequently, use Chamberlain’s Leather Milk.

  • Cheap Suede, Split or Genuine Leather Upper (not Saddleback Leather’s Sheepskin Slippers - Be careful when cleaning suede. We have no idea how to clean it. Google it for assistance.

Leather Sole - Use a damp cloth to wipe it down gently. It would be best if you will condition your mens sheepskin slippers once a year, and Chamberlain’s Leather Milk is one good option.


Warranty and Return Policy

Fit and comfort returns - If your new sheepskin slippers were the correct length and you scraped the bottoms to prevent them from being slippery and wore them for a few weeks despite how uncomfortable they are, then return them. It’s not your fault if you were afflicted with delicate feet by the gods. You weren’t intended to own a pair of the finest and most comfortable bespoke like quality sheepskin slippers in the world. They must be returned. Just give them enough time before doing so to ensure they do not get better. Most likely, they will, then someone would have to fight you to get them off your feet.

Too Slippery? - To avoid doing the splits, you need to scratch and scuff up the bottom of your heel and foot of the shoe, whether you have bespoke shoes from luxury shoemakers or not. All great shoemakers use rich and polished soles that require some roughing up.

How To Make Them Not Slippery - Follow these steps to make your slippers less slippery. Walk out to a concrete surface and slide the slippers across the ball of your foot and heel a few times. Instant results! If you want a different solution, get some sandpaper or something similar and lightly scratch up the front where your foot typically touches.

Too snug?- Give your new slippers some time. All sheepskin slippers take a bit to get used to - like a baseball glove or good pair of boots. Also, the leather needs to stretch around your foot’s shape, which can take a few weeks. So please don’t give up on them too soon.

Too short - We’re sorry that your slippers didn’t fit quite right! Please send them back to us, and we’ll get you a new pair that will hopefully fit much better. We know you’ll love the slippers when they finally do fit perfectly.

Returns? Yes / But exchanges for a pair of the SAME size? No. If your new slippers are the correct length and you’ve worn them enough to break them in but still don’t like them after 30 days, we’ll fully refund or give you credit. However, we will not exchange them for a different pair of the same size. We can undoubtedly send up a size because the next pair of the same size will give you the exact same result as the previous one. After that, we’ll have what some people would consider to be a used pair of underwear on our shelf, which we’ll have to donate to an orphanage in Siberia or somewhere cold.

I understand that you may be doubtful, but I urge you to give them a chance. Of course, you’ll love them; however, it might take some time for that feeling to develop. Trust me on this one.

Defective -If you have a problem with the craftsmanship or defective materials that cause them to fall apart, please return them, and we’ll give you your money back. To make these the most natural and breathable shearling slippers ever made, I decided against, or better put absolutely refused to glue a rubber bottom over the stitching.

Thread Wears - To fix this, singe the thread lightly with a match and press it down into the channel with your finger. We made these slippers with a channel in the bottom of the leather so that the thread would sit just below surface level and not fray as easily. Depending on how you walk and how you wear your slippers, though, a thread may still come loose. This is an easy fix--simply touch the loose thread to a flame until it balls up again.”

However, the two-week period for the shearling to compress and the leather to stretch to fit your foot is daily wear. There is also a break-in period, like an excellent pair of work or hiking boots would need. You’ll adore them even more once the uppers become accustomed to your feet and the leather sole relaxes and becomes worn. Just don’t be shocked if you forget to take them off when you crawl into bed.

Shoes and slippers cannot be put back on the shelf once they’ve been worn and refunded; that’s just nasty, department store type of activities. If 25% of the people who bought a pair to try out impatiently discovered they weren’t their cup of tea after a day or two, it wouldn’t be good business for us, and we’d have to double the price for them to be profitable.


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  • 5
    Great Slippers

    I absolutely love these! They are super warm and comfy. They feel small at first, but after a week of wearing them, they fit like a glove. I wear a 9 in shoes and that is what I ordered. It worked well.

  • 5
    Slippers like no other!

    Just received my pair of slippers! And I can’t recommend highly enough.

  • 5
    Sheepskin Slippers

    I have to say, the wait was 100% worth it!!!
    These slippers for both me and my Lady are absolutely amazing! So lush and comfortable and incredible quality (as you would naturally expect).
    We bought these for when we visit back home where it gets a bit cooler, but we can't help ourselves, we still wear them around the house here in Vietnam. I just turn the AC right up so we have the need to wear them :)

  • 4
    The best pair of slippers I've ever owned! Hands down!!!

    I had to wait over three months to get these bad boys, and let me tell you - they were TOTALLY worth the wait! Nothing less than the superlative quality that makes Saddleback THE place to go for anything made out of leather! Not only are these the best pair of slippers I've ever owned - it wouldn't surprise me at all if they were the last! Like all Saddleback products (and I've bought quite a few), these seem like they are as indestructible as the Saddleback briefcase, backpack, and wallet I purchased years ago. The only reason why I feel hesitant to give them the full "Five Star" review, is because they are a little more than a little hard to get on. I'm technically a 10.5 shoe, and I ordered an 11. They are a bit tight and hard to get on. The only thing I can say to that is that they are SO well padded on the inside that it throws off the sizing process a little - or at least until they are broken in a little more. All I can say is that if you want them to fit like a glove right out of the fancy cloth bag they come in, then order them a size up. Other than that - absolute Saddleback perfection!!!

  • 5
    Toasty Warm, and Saddleback Quality all the Way!

    OK, I ordered these the day they were announced - and they arrived today. Long wait, but well worth it. These are incredible slippers. First? Warm as toast! I'm in my cabin in the mountains of New England and these babies have my feet feeling like they're in front of a space heater. So warm! Second? The quality is superb, like everything Saddleback makes. Built to last! Third? So comfortable! I have size 14 feet, and these fit like gloves. Fourth? Dave's video on roughing up the soles is perfect. The soles are slick and beautiful...but yes, rough 'em up to avoid slipping. Finally, they are drop dead beautiful. I've never been one to stare at my feet, but I might have to start. Great job, Dave! Thank you!