Tampa Bay Rays Leather: The Ultimate Major League Baseball Collection

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Tampa Bay Rays Leather Goods

Tampa Bay Rays Portfolio & Journal Cover: The Leather Portfolio and Leather Journal Cover are your personal piece of the Rays, crafted to hold your memories and notes of glory. The Leather Portfolio fits a standard 8.5" x 11" notepad and the Leather Journal Cover is designed to hold an A5 journal or notepad (5.5" x 8.5").

Tampa Bay Rays Bifold Wallet & Valet Tray: The last wallet you will ever need. Made from thick full-grain leather, the Leather Bifold Wallet has a built-in RFID blocker, 4 card slots, an ID window, and a cash pocket. The Leather Valet Tray is for emptying your pockets into, at work or at home. Order and organization on the desk, nightstand, dresser or entrance to a home.

Everyday Champions & On-the-Go Gear

Tampa Bay Rays Business Card Holder & Keychain: The Business Card Holder fits about 15 business cards on each side, or 6-7 credit cards on each side if you're using it as a minimalist wallet. Not much to say about the Leather Keychain other than it'll be the longest-lasting keychain you've ever owned.

Home & Office Defense

Tampa Bay Rays Coasters & Valet Tray: Transform your space into a Rays stronghold with these leather masterpieces. They're not just about protecting surfaces; they're about marking your territory with Rays pride. The Leather Coaster Set comes as a set of 4.

Our Materials & How We Can Offer a 100 Year Warranty

Leather: We only use the toughest leather we can find (full-grain leather). It includes the outermost layer of the hide and has all of the natural grain which gives leather its strength, breath-ability, and durability. Our leather is thick and tough as nails.

Leather is like a roof on your house. The shingles are the toughest and most protective layer. Leather's "grain" makes up the top layer of the hide. Some companies shave off the top layer to get rid of scars and blemishes because they don't want to cut around those parts and throw any leather away. That's money. But in doing so, they shave off the shingles from your roof. It's really dumb, but they do it. We don't. We use high quality leather with the full amount of grain still there to make all of our leather goods.

Lining: The lining we use is a super tough pigskin leather, and even stronger than our cow leather. We glue and stitch the tough pigskin lining to make our leather pieces even more durable so they're guaranteed to outlast you.

Most manufacturers like to line their briefcases and satchels with shiny nylon that looks pretty and would be great for a kite but not a briefcase liner.

Thread: The thread is an unbelievably strong marine-grade UV-resistent polyester continuous filament German thread. It's the same thread they use when people could die if the thread fails, like on ship sails and parachutes.

We sew our leather at 5 stitches per inch. Most companies sew at 7-9 stitches in a single inch, and some go to 9+ stitches per inch. You see, a sewing machine is really just a big perforation machine and each hole is the start of a tear. If the needle holes are too close together, then the leather will tear like perforated paper.

Hardware: Our hardware is a custom stainless steel and is complete overkill. It's like killing a fly with a shotgun. 316 Stainless is one of the hardest and highest tensile strength metals available, and what most high end watches and even Apple's most expensive iPhone bodies are made of.

Aside from the Leather Keychain, the Tampa Bay Rays leather goods don't have hardware. But if you get a Saddleback Leather bag, we guarantee that your hardware will never fail.

Warranty: Yes, Saddleback Leather pieces come with a 100 Year Warranty. We over-engineer all of our designs with no breakable parts. If it’s our fault that something broke because of poor craftsmanship or defective materials, then we’ll fix it or replace it for free for 100 years. Even rocks wear away, eventually. So if the thread wears thin in a much-rubbed spot or some other anomoly happens, get ahold of us and we’ll try to fix it for you or help you as much as possible. Now, if you feed your leather to a pit of crocodiles, that's not going to get covered under the warranty... I'm sure you understand.