Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag


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100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
14.00" x 6.75" x 7.00""
Weight: 3 lbs

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I got this bag for my husband to bring to the gun range and it’s the perfect size to hold everything. As always, the quality and craftsmanship are undeniable and he’s gotten more than enough envious stares when he carries it!

Brittany R.


This is not a huge bag. It is about the perfect size for the guy that needs to carry a few tools around with him. Like all Saddleback leather products it is built to withstand years of use and only look better because of it. This was purchased as a gift and I am anxious to see his reaction.
Beth T.

Great Bag!

Beautiful bag! I purchased for my husband and it is perfect! He can fit his loops for dentistry plus other essentials and even has room to stow a handgun away nicely. We both couldn’t be any happier with the craftsmanship. The size is just right! We will definitely be long term customers!
Elissa C.

This was inspired by an old fashioned leather doctor's bag I found in New Mexico. It was well broken in and absolutely gorgeous. This leather tool bag will be the ugliest the first day you own it. For Doctors and craftsmen. Also used as a first aid kit.

This bag WILL NOT fit a laptop or iPad of any size except for an iPad Mini. It's for old school analog things like tools, medical equipment, art or sewing supplies.

No Breakable Parts:
There are no breakable parts like snaps, zippers, buttons, velcro or any other Hello Kitty construction. Just hard buckles. Like they use to make them.

Anywhere there is stress, it gets stitching, a rivet and usually a reinforcing hidden Polyester strap sewn.

Large Pieces:
This leather tool bag is designed with only one large piece of leather for the body and one piece on each end. Seams are where tool bags start falling apart, so we designed this doctor's bag with as few as we could.

We set our industrial sewing machines to sew only 5 stitches per inch to get the needle holes as far apart as we can. That's important because a sewing machine is also a perforation machine and when the holes are too close together, the leather tends to tear easily. This leather tool bag is stronger than anything you need it to carry.

Full Grain Leather:
Our leather tool bag is made of the strongest cow leather there is because it still has the full amount of grain. Every hide comes with what is called "grain", the toughest and most water resistant fibers of the whole hide. But cowhides come thick, so the tannery splits them in half at the tannery. The top half is the toughest because it has all of the grain still on it and the bottom half has been neutered. The bottom half is called Split or Genuine leather and also suede. If you find a really inexpensive leather tool bag or doctor's bag, that's why. If you're going to get one, get a quality one. Removing all of the grain from a leather hide is like removing the shingles from your roof. How sad is that? Oh, and our leather is a little thicker than work boot leather.

Because there are often sharp tools inside of tool bags, we lined it with tough tough pigskin, which is actually stronger than cow skin its same thickness. And it looks really good. 

Not only do we sew this leather doctor's bag with as few seams as possible, but we sew it with a UV resistant continuous filament Polyester thread instead of cheap Nylon thread. The good and bad of Polyester is it never deteriorates. Good for thread, bad for clothing and sheets. BTW, did you know that people don't sleep as well if they have Polyester in their bedding and Polyester clothing give a lot of people skin problems? But when it comes to thread, Polyester will give you a lifetime of greatness. And then we use the thick German double ought thread.

It's kind of like killing a fly with a shotgun, but we developed our own custom hardware for our leather bags. If you talk to a metallurgist and tell them we use 316 Stainless Steel, they'll gasp and then tell you we're lying. It is expensive and kind of overkill, but we have never had a single issue with our hardware failing. If your life had to depend on a hardware let it to depend on ours. The clasps that clip onto the body of this leather tool bag are rated for 750 lbs. 

The Big Mouth Tool Bag Gladstone opening is much wider at the top than at the bottom so it's easy to find things. And the lining is beige so it reflects light so things are easily seen. Full-length pigskin pockets on both sides, with an extra layer of 3 smaller internal pockets on one side. Two leather pull tabs make the tool bag easy to open. Handles are rolled and sewn for comfortable carry.

Pro tip #1:
Buy quality tools and scratch your initials into them so your descendants will remember you fondly every time they tap a drywall anchor into the wall.

Pro tip #2:
A great ongoing gift for high schoolers and college students are tools each year for their birthday or Christmas presents. When they move out on their own, they'll have a complete set to get them along.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
14" x 6.75" x 7"

Weight: 3 lbs

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Big Mouth Leather Tool Bag

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