Leather Bifold Wallet - Texas Rangers World Series

0.25 lb

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Product Overview

Leather Bifold Wallet Product Details

RFID Blocker Built In

4 Card Slots

ID Window

Cash Pocket

100 Year Warranty

Wallet Dimensions (W x H x D) 

4.25" x 3.5" x 0.5"

Weight: 0.20 lbs

A Wallet for the Ages

Our best selling bifold leather wallet with the Texas Rangers World Series logo. The goal was to create something that lasts as long as your memories of the game and I think we accomplished that. It’s designed not just to carry your cash and cards, but to bear the weight of countless seasons and to be passed on to future generations. 

This wallet is more than just a secure spot for your essentials as you navigate the ballpark. It’s crafted for fans like you, who stand by the team through every high and low. With every stitch and fold, we’ve poured in the hope that this wallet becomes a part of your journey with the Rangers, holding not just your money and cards but a piece of history and heart.

Unmatched Durability with Premium Full-Grain Leather

The bifold wallet’s exceptional resilience and longevity come from its premium full-grain leather, ensuring it withstands daily use and improves with age, reflecting your lifestyle in its unique patina. Let me explain why full-grain leather is superior quality leather. Think of it as constructing a house’s roof. The grain of the leather makes up the top 25% of the hide, akin to the shingles that protect the structure. This layer is the most robust, offering unparalleled resistance to water and stains, and it boasts the most tightly interwoven fibers. Essentially, it’s the protective barrier, much like shingles safeguard a roof. Without this grain layer, just as a roof without shingles, the underlying structure may hold up temporarily but will eventually be destroyed by the elements. This top portion of leather also bears the unique life stories of the cow, including all its scars and marks.

Lower-quality wallet manufacturers often remove these imperfections by scraping away the scars to utilize nearly every part of the hide, cutting costs at the expense of durability. This process strips away the leather’s most durable and celebrated characteristics. Conversely, we prioritize retaining as much of the grain as possible, selectively cutting around any scars or blemishes and discarding the lesser-quality pieces. This approach ensures our leather wallets embody the strength and longevity leather is known for, celebrating the natural beauty and resilience of the material.

An Extra Strong Full Grain Leather Wallet

We use almost twice the thickness of leather compared to what most other wallet manufacturers do. This makes a tougher leather wallet and a worthwhile investment. And instead of using glossy nylon to line the insides of our wallets, we use pig leather, which is even tougher than cowhide. This gives our leather wallet that much extra durability. It’s how we can give a 100-Year Warranty on a wallet, and we’re proud to do so!

Thoughtful Features for Modern Needs

Equipped with RFID-blocking technology and a clear ID window, our wallet caters to both traditional and modern needs, making it the best companion for daily use and travel. Believe me, they really will be fighting over it when you’re dead. 

Joining the Legacy

Looking forward to another season, another chance at the title, and more unforgettable moments, I invite you to join this journey. The Texas Rangers World Series Wallet is not just an accessory; it’s a piece of the team, of home games with a foot-long hot dog, of Texas, and of baseball history. Crafted for durability, designed for fans, and built to be a part of your life through every season, it’s the ultimate way to show your support and carry a piece of the game wherever you go.

This isn’t just any leather wallet—it’s a piece of my legacy with the Texas Rangers, and it’s waiting for you. Join me in celebrating the spirit of Texas, the thrill of baseball, and craftsmanship that lasts more than a lifetime. With Saddleback Leather and the Texas Rangers, you’re not just a fan—you’re part of the family.


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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    Rangers wallet

    Wallet is great and exactly what I expected. I was disappointed to see that it was made in Mexico. Your website gives the impression that your products are made here in Texas.

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    Looks great.