Backpack Tube Pads

0.75 lb

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100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.25" x 11"
Weight: 0.35 lbs


(6 reviews) Write a Review

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    seems good

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    Comfortable but annoying

    These straps came with my front pocket backpack, and while comfortable, they are very annoying. Each time you sit the backpack down, the straps slide all the way down requiring you to slide them all the way back up each and every time you go to pick the pack back up. There really should be a strap, buckle or clasp that clips to the D ring on the backpack to hold these in place. I'm considering drilling holes in the tube and securing them with a a thin leather strap to hold them in place. Not sure why this hasn't been addressed or improved yet.

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    Too big for my Front Pocket Backpack straps

    I have many SBL items that I really enjoy, but I am by *far* the most disappointed with the backpack tube pads. Setting aside the fact that comfortable straps should be INCLUDED with any backpack -- especially at the prices Saddleback charges -- these add-ons constantly slide down the straps of my Front Pocket Backpack as soon as I take it off. The result is an annoying process of sliding them back up into place (one at a time) when I want to put the thing back on. Every. Single. Time. They are comfortable when the backpack is finally situated, but otherwise, they are expensive, annoying and inefficient. Three stars off for the trifecta of NOPE.

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    Shoulder savers

    I bought these backpack tube pads for my bucket backpack in Dark Coffee Brown. The pull up on these are absolutely amazing. I have worked the pads to break them in and when I put my backpack on my shoulders It feels like a could is around my straps. The straps were not at all uncomfortable without them I just wanted to have these for added comfort on longer journeys and let me tell you I don’t think I will ever take them off. Once again Saddleback/Love41 made my day. Thank you all for all you guys do.

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    I wish these were a

    I wish these were a tad wider but it is well made.