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Designed by Dave and so perhaps there has never been a coffee mug that has had more thought put into it. This could very well be the greatest coffee mug created in all of human history. Maybe? We only receive a few each month from the Scottish potter and they sell out within minutes each time we put them in stock. We create things like this because it is art and it is beautiful, but we certainly don't make our fortune on these coffee mugs. Watch the video on how these are made, below.
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  • 12 oz. Saddleback Leather Coffee Mug
  • Each mug is handmade on a pottery wheel by a Scottish potter in Fort Worth, TX - No two mugs are exactly alike
  • Each letter is individually stamped for a true handmade feel
  • Kiln-fired stoneware is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Handle is specifically designed by Dave for comfort -
    • Wide thumb rest on top of handle
    • Handle is big enough for 3 fat sausage fingers or 4 little fingers
    • Flat, comfortable bottom part is feels nice on the pinky
    • Handle arcs wide enough out from the mug so you don’t burn your fingers
  • Slightly tapered design helps conserve heat
  • Lip curves out at the top for a good sipping experience
  • Thick enough to keep your coffee hot, but not too thick so that the mug feels heavy.
  • Dimensions (approximate size):

  • 4” Tall
  • 12 oz capacity
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