Saddleback Coffee Mug

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Designed by Dave and hand-crafted by a local Texas potter with 30+ years of experience, each much is a unique work of art. It takes a lot of time for these to make it out of the kiln, so check back to see if we have them available!
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  • 12 oz. Saddleback Leather Coffee Mug
  • Each mug is handmade on a pottery wheel by a Scottish potter in Fort Worth, TX - No two mugs are exactly alike
  • Each letter is individually stamped for a true handmade feel
  • Kiln-fired stoneware is microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Handle is specifically designed by Dave for comfort -
    • Wide thumb rest on top of handle
    • Handle is big enough for 3 fat sausage fingers or 4 little fingers
    • Flat, comfortable bottom part is feels nice on the pinky
    • Handle arcs wide enough out from the mug so you don’t burn your fingers
  • Slightly tapered design helps conserve heat
  • Lip curves out at the top for a good sipping experience
  • Thick enough to keep your coffee hot, but not too thick so that the mug feels heavy.
  • Dimensions (approximate size):

  • 4” Tall
  • 12 oz capacity
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