Dave's Deal Camera Case Inserts

4.00 lb




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Was: $99.00
Now: $79.20

Product Overview

Dave’s Deals are items that have arrived from the factory that are fully functional but with cosmetic defects. Some people call them factory seconds. They are still good items that come with our warranty, and we're just knocking down the price because they don't pass Dave's quality and inspection standards. Some Dave's Deals may be stamped with the letter S.

Photographers spend lots of their hard earned money on the equipment they use, so it’s necessary to protect it at all cost. The sheepskin inserts provide a means of not only organizing, but protecting the contents inside. It’s really soft and cushiony so it helps prevent everything from scratching and bouncing around.

Product Details

12.5”W  x  3.5”H  x   6.75”D (Small)

12.5”W  x  6.5”H  x  6.75”D (Large) 



(No reviews yet) Write a Review