Dave's Deals Old Bull Leather Belt - Chestnut - Size 44

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Product Overview

The above video is from 2014. The current leather belt only comes in one width and the buckle and rivets were upgraded to 316 Stainless Steel instead of nickel plated brass.

This sizing chart will help you get exactly the right belt. Please read it. Until about November 2018, we used to say, "Buy two sizes up from the waist size you generally wear. But that was stupid. So we went back to a logical sizing chart below.

Imagine you caught someone shaving the shingles off of your roof. You'd want to kick them below the belt, right. They would be taking off the toughest and most protective part of the roof and now your house would have problems. Well, that's what low class leather belt makers do to leather. They buy C and D Grade leather that's full of scars and that nobody can use and then shave off the top part of the leather to get rid of scars and blemishes. But in doing so, they shave off the grain, which is the top layer and the toughest and most protective part of the leather and then your leather belt just falls apart sooner than later. If there is a little bit of grain still there then that's called Top Grain leather. We buy the expensive A Grade Leather with the full amount of grain (full grain) leather and make leather belts with it.

And we don't just buy the standard 1/8" thin leather, we buy the most expensive leather that is just under 1/4" thick. The only way they can get it this thick is by ordering "Heavy Steer" hides. Most cows are slaughtered between 15 to 18 months old, but these bulls lost their lives at about 24 months old. That extra time doesn't give them much more meat, but it does give them thicker skin. And just in case you don't know, a "steer" is a bull that was robbed of his crown jewels. That's important because, like a eunuch (a neutered man) who guarded the king's harem, the hormones now are redirected to muscle and size. This is the thickest leather we can get. 

Our leather was not cheaply tanned. Vegetable tanning takes a long time to do right. Low quality tanneries only soak it for two to three weeks, but ours was allowed to soak up the tannins for 6 to 8 weeks which makes it stronger and last longer, which in turn makes your leather belt to be stronger and last longer too.

Metallurgists think we're lying when we tell them our hardware is made of 316 Stainless Steel. The clasps on our bags were tested to hold up to 750 lbs. These buckles are thicker than those and so can probably hold up to 1000 lbs. It's like killing a fly with a shotgun, but it's nice to know it will never have a problem and that I could trust my life to this buckle and this leather belt if I really needed to. 

All belts on the market only have 5 holes, 1" apart and that start 4" from the tip so it looks cleaner to people looking at your groin area. But they shouldn't do that. I designed this belt with 9 holes that are 3/4" apart so it can adjust comfortably. It'll never be slightly too loose or too tight before or after meals. And the holes start 2" from the tip just in case you need to use your leather belt to strap down something to the roof rack of your rig. 


Width: 1.50"
Thickness: 5.50mm to 6mm


(No reviews yet) Write a Review