Leather AirPods Pro Case

0.25 lb

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Product Overview

This Leather AirPods Pro Case is made of full-grain leather and will help you keep track of those AirPods. Instead of losing them in your bag you'll be able to attach this case to the outside for easy access and they'll be secure in the Leather Case as you travel.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
2.50" x 2" x 1"
Weight: 0.10 lbs

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(45 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    Great case!

    This is a great accessory for your Airpod Pro. Fits like a glove and looks great. I find it easier to use by putting the Airpod in backwards to the top opens towards the front of the case. Otherwise the flap can constrict the top of the Airpod from fully opening. My only complaint is the clasp. It is just installed with a tensioning pin (no spring) which has come apart on my twice. If the hole securing the pin were drilled a tad deeper I'm betting it would hold better.

  • 5
    The best AirPod Pro case anywhere IMHO

    Several years ago, I lost a set of AirPod Pro earbuds when my AirPod cases’ magnetic seal broke and my silicone case flipped open. I didn’t even realize it until the buds were long gone. Expensive and disappointing loss. When my husband recently decided to gift me another set, I decided it was time to find a case that couldn’t be flipped open, and that didn’t have a flimsy silicone strap that would break off of it. I started on Amazon, and found a slew of “genuine leather” polyurethane “PU leather” cases. NOPE! But that did get me thinking about real leather cases, which launched me into an online search. Many actual leather cases neither latched shut, nor had a strap. Enter Saddleback Leather. When I found this website, I loved the look of this case, the closure, and the sturdy clip. But would it hold my AirPods in like it promised? Because if so, spending a little more to keep me from having to replace aNoThEr $200 pair of AirPods would be totally worth it. Insurance! I decided to buy the case. When it came, it was beautiful, and fit like a glove. I have now had it over 6 months, and it has never failed me. The closure has always stayed closed, and the clasp is still strong as can be. In fact, the heavy duty metal clip will probably fail before the leather seam! I don’t have any problem fitting my charger cord through the case and into the charging port. I do take the AirPod case out of the leather for Qi charging, though, because the case is bulky, and I can’t see the charge indicator LED. That’s not a problem to me, though. The only thing I am mildly disappointed about with this item is that it’s one of the few items that Saddleback Leather sells that my children will not fight over when I die, because the modern style of AirPod will probably be obsolete long before this case wears out! (But if I’m wrong… time for some post-funeral mud slingin’!)

  • 5
    Fits other size earbud cases as well (kind of)

    I have a set of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro2 and was looking for a case that would work for them. Based on the dimensions, this seemed like it would work. It does, but it is VERY tight... like I had to wrench it closed the first time I put them in there. It seems that the leather is stretching a little bit the more I've left them in the case, so this should become easier with time. Just for information for anyone else who is wondering if they fit any other earbud cases!

  • 5
    Great Product

    This is another fantastic piece from Saddleback, my one complaint is the natural looking (tobacco color) is not a natural color its still a brown color, wish they had an all natural one. Besides that its a great addition to my leather goods.

  • 5
    Best Airpod Case on the market!

    WOW! Saddleback Leather has made one little beauty right here with this little guy. It fits your AirPods like a glove! Sleek and simple design and the best part is you can charge them in the case and take them anywhere with the clip attachment. LOVE IT! Thanks for a great case Dave, my husband loved it!!