Leather Conditioner Chamberlain's Liniment No. 1

0.12 LBS

Product Overview

Specially formulated for compatibility with Saddleback's leathers, and works just as well on other leather too. Is a combination of rich, natural leather conditioners plus a gentle leather cleaner. May be used as often as desired to clean and refresh leather. Test before you apply. Test on an inconspicuous area that will be unseen to make sure you like the result. Apply in thin, even layers - a little goes a long way! Contains no saddle soaps, solvents or synthetic chemicals. All natural ingredients ensure the recipe is safe for human, animals and the environment. Click below to download the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for these products. For further inquires, head on over to Chamberlain's Leather Milk website where you will find direct customer service. On the website they offer a wealth of interesting leather care tips through their fact section, blog and videos. They also have a customized leather repair shop.