Leather Restoration Kit Chamberlain's Leather Milk

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This leather restoration kit will provide you everything besides a magic want to restore your leather pieces as close to their original state as is possible. It will help you drastically, but magic is not included.

Chamberlain's Leather Milk is providing to the public what they use for their own professional leather restoration business. This kit is all you will need to easily rejuvenate and restore your neglected leather piece. Whether it is old, dry, antique, cracked, scratched or scuffed, Chamberlain's Leather Milk Kit will do the job to get your leather piece as close to its former glory as it is possible.

Wrapped in a stylish box ensconced in rustic burlap, our complete ensemble of leather restoration tools: 1 horsehair brush, 2 microfiber cloths, 2 absorption sponges, 3 detailing staves, 3 applicator pads, and one canister of our brand new Chamberlain's Leather Milk Healing Balm. Also included: our Complete Formula No. 1-3 Set, containing Leather Care Liniment No.1, Straight Cleaner No.2, and Water Protectant No.3. This is the leather care and restoration toolkit of our dreams!

Whether you're restoring an antique leather armchair that's grown dry and brittle with age, or a scraped up leather briefcase that's had a few too many Hollywood moments, Leather Milk offers you the discretion and flexibility you need to give your restoration project a vital edge. There are 4 different leather treatment types in this kit, and 5 different tools to apply them. Our soft, bristled horsehair brush can gently catch granules of dirt trapped in your leather's grain, stitching, and other crevices. On the other hand, our detailing staves offer you dexterity and reach in those hard-to-catch places, such as an inside corner of your briefcase, or the underside of a rivet-locked leather handle. The yellow absorption sponges can move recipe into cracks and cuts with seamless ease, and our signature cotton applicator pads are as effective and soft to the touch as always. You'll even find our gentle microfiber cloths to be their perfect complement, designed especially for buffing and drying.

New Leather Milk Healing Balm is our most curative recipe yet, and possibly the most intense leather conditioner on the market. Designed to adhere and extravagantly condition, this formula not only disguises scratches - it can make them practically disappear! Designed to enrich color without affecting gloss and other shiny finishes, we hope you'll find this new addition to the Leather Milk family as much a treasure as we do. Combined with our three classic Leather Milk recipes, you will never want for more.

Buy today and save on your greatest leather care investment yet! Great gift idea for that special someone!

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