Leather Gun Sleeve

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Product Overview

This updated leather gun sleeve was re-designed extensively field tested by professional celebrity hunters.

Grab Handles- This updated leather gun sleeve has new grab handles for field carry (nondetachable) and designed so the rifle case remains balanced and level while in transit. 

Shoulder Strap- The shoulder strap is built extra strong, adjustable and removable, for just in case situations. You can use it as a tie down or to hang things. It can be clipped to the top or bottom of the gun sleeve for carrying ease. It has one shoulder pad to allow for the leather gun sleeve to be carried comfortably on either shoulder. And it attaches to just the right places so it stays out of your boots when you walk.

Pocket- The new exterior pocket with buckle closure is perfect for extra shells and chokes.

Adjustable Closure- The attached opening of this leather gun sleeve is adjustable, depending on the length of your shotgun, and it fits up to a 28" barrel. Please note that this DOES NOT fit guns with Scopes.

No Breakable Parts- There are no breakable parts like zippers, snaps, buttons, velcro or any other Hello Kitty construction. The flap closure is adjustable instead of one size fits all and the side pocket has ample room for shells and other hunting gear.

Reinforced- Anywhere there could be stress, receives stitching, then a rivet and usually a reinforcing hidden Polyester strap sewn in.

Large Pieces- It is designed with with the largest pieces of leather possible so there are fewer seams. Seams are where leather gun sleeves start falling apart, so we designed this with as few as we could. 

Stitching- We set our industrial sewing machines to only 5 stitches per inch so there’s more leather between the needle holes. That's important because a sewing machine is really a perforation machine and if those holes are too close together, then the leather will tear more easily. This gun sleeve is as strong as anything you would carry in it.


Sheepskin Lining- To protect your firearm, we lined the main body of the leather rifle case with sheepskin to help protect your investments. Sheepskin wicks moisture away from the gun instead of letting it stay on the gun. God engineered sheepskin pretty well. Did you know that bed-ridden patients who have sheepskin sheets don't often get bed sores because there is airflow under them?  We DO NOT recommend storing guns in any gun sleeve because there should be some air movement in there so the shotgun doesn't rust. But if you had to store it in some gun sleeve, I'd choose this one. 

Full Grain Leather- Our leather is the strongest we can find because it still has the full amount of grain on the leather. Every skin comes with what is called "grain" on the top layer. They are the toughest and most water resistant fibers of the whole hide. But cowhides come thick, so they usually split in half at the tannery. The top half is the toughest because it has all of the grain still on it and the bottom half has been neutered. Leather that doesn't have grain on it is called genuine, suede or split leather. If you find a really inexpensive leather gun sleeve, that's why. Removing all of the grain from a leather hide is like removing the shingles from your roof. How stupid is that? And not only is our leather the strongest grade, but it's thicker than boot leather. 

Thread- Not only do we sew this leather gun sleeve with as few seams as possible, but each of those seams where leather comes together, we sew with a UV resistant continuous filament Polyester thread instead of the inferior and cheap Nylon thread. The good thing about Polyester is that it never deteriorates. The bad thing about Polyester is that it never deteriorates. When it comes to bedding, Polyetser will give you a bad night's sleep. Polyester clothing will give you skin problems, but when it comes to thread, Polyester will give you a lifetime of service. And we use the thick German double ought thread too.

316 Stainless- This is like killing a fly with a shotgun, but we decided to develop our own custom hardware anyways. If you talk to a metallurgist, they'll tell you it's too expensive and just plain overkill, but we have never had an issue with our hardware failing. If your life had to depend on a hardware performing, you'd want it to depend on ours. The clasps that clip onto the body of this leather gun sleeve are rated for 750 lbs. 

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x L x D)
9.50" - 5" x 34.75" - 53.50" x 2.25"
Weight: 5.50 lbs
Should Strap: 34.75" - 59.62"

Warranty Information

100 Year Warranty against any defect of materials or craftsmanship. If it's our fault, we'll take care of you for 100 years.


(12 reviews) Write a Review

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    Bit Too Small

    Quality and craftsmanship are exactly what you would expect from Saddleback, but the size of the case leaves a lot to be desired and limits the guns you can use the case for. I have waited a long time for Saddleback to build a gun case, and although this is on the right track, it is not near tall enough to accommodate a scoped rifle, and far too short for most sporting clay shotguns. I got this case for my Browning Citori 525 with 30" barrel (pretty common sporting clay gun), and the strap will not even touch the buckle. It comes about 2"-3" short of being able to buckle in the first hole on the strap, and probably 4"-5" of really being functional. Saddleback done a great job as always with style, and overall design, just too small. I hope to see a taller longer version that will accommodate a broader range of rifles (maybe even with a pouch for some ammo or choke tubes).

  • 5
    Gun Sleeve

    Once again Dave and the crew at Saddleback have come up with a great product. The Gun Sleeve they have come out with is so nice and put together to be around for decades. I was so impressed with the looks and it fits my old lever action rifle like a glove. Next they need to design one to accommodate a scoped rifle. Keep up the great work!