Leather Restorer Chamberlain's Healing Balm

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Chamberlain's Leather Milk has developed a key leather restoration balm for their own business of restoring antique bags, saddles and old World War !! bomber jackets. They have made their all natural proprietary Healing Balm available to everybody. The leather restorer significantly reduce the appearance of scuffs and scratches in fine leather antiques and loved bags.


(18 reviews) Write a Review

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    Works Great to Even-Out Colour!

    After my first review of this product (just below), I purchased a used "2-rivet" Classic Briefcase in Tobacco (that was used extensively and probably never conditioned). Being an older version of this bag (I'm guessing 7-10 years old), it showed significant colour variation: while most of the bag was light yellowish brown, the handle and back of the bag had acquired a dark patina and the side straps showed a bit of darkening due (presumably) to UV exposure. After using the Healing Balm, the colour evened out considerably. It's so soft I feel like I'm carrying around an old catcher's mitt! Big fan of this product!

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    Works great for dry leather!

    I purchased a used 5-6 year-old large coffee-brown classic briefcase. I doubt that it had ever been conditioned. Even though I conditioned it twice with Chamberlain's #1, the leather still felt dry. I spoke to Chamberlain's and they suggested using the Balm for the entire bag. What a difference! The bag turned a shade darker and became much more supple.

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    Great product for scratches

    Great for scratches and heavily worn leather. Used on our leather ottoman and on my Squared Leather Backpack (dark coffee brown) which still looks great after many miles of travel over 6 years.