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EDC Leather Satchel


EDC Leather Satchel Explained for everyday carry gear

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EDC Leather Satchel is a great companion item

Great bag. I have it attached to my medium leather briefcase. Provides easy/quick access to my iPhone, iPad mini, car keys, wallet, etc., without having to open the briefcase. Love it!
27th Mar 2021
John M.

Love the versatility. Literally goes

Love the versatility. Literally goes with me everywhere. Attached to my Thirteener during the work week, solo carry during the weekends.
24th Mar 2021
The EDC leather satchel is designed for everyday carry and is unbreakable.

Design of The Satchel

The design of this satchel was inspired by the need for an everyday carry bag that is unbreakable and can be easily carried. This is a full grain leather satchel, which is the best leather you can get. The clips are sewn and riveted to the leather satchel instead of the shoulder strap, allowing it to be attached to a briefcase or other container for easy carrying. The leather toggle and loop closure are also designed for quick and easy one-handed use.

Unbreakable Satchel-

This leather satchel is over-engineered with no breakable parts like zippers, snaps, buttons, etc., and is reinforced with polyester straps and rivets at all stress points. It's built with just two main pieces of leather, so there are fewer seams, and we sew at only five stitches per inch, so there's more leather between the needle holes and fewer holes to start a tear.

A Satchel That Holds Everyday Carry-

I designed this man bag to keep my pockets empty while driving, sitting in restaurants, and walking in strange places. I carry my Leatherman Tool in the bottom, and on top of it, I put my wallet and iPhone and then my keys on the top. Finally, there's a slim back pocket for my Field Notes, pen, and a plane ticket.

The quality of a Saddleback Leather satchel is unmatched, as they use only the best materials and construction techniques.

A Satchel That Clips On Pocket- 

The clips are sewn and riveted to the leather satchel instead of the shoulder strap so the satchel can clip to the handle or side d-rings of my briefcase to make it into an exterior pocket. This is a wonderful feature when you go somewhere with your briefcase or another leather bag with d-rings and your satchel.

A Satchel With A One-Handed Closure-

The leather toggle and loop closure is nearly indestructible and can be opened and closed quickly with one hand. It makes it much easier to open and close the bag without putting it down.

Satchel Cross Body Strap-

The cross body strap is adjustable from 47.5"- 63.5" and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body. It's made of 0.75" wide full grain leather, so you know it will be just as strong as all of our other designs. And in an emergency, you can always remove it and use it for any other purpose for which you might use a long leather strap.

The Everyday Carry Leather Satchel is a stylish and functional way to carry your essentials.

Materials In This Satchel

The materials in this satchel include full grain leather, pigskin lining, German thread, 316 stainless steel hardware, and a cowhide strap. Full grain leather is like boot leather but thicker. The pigskin lining is stronger than cow leather and offers a 100-year warranty. The German thread is more expensive and UV resistant than the cheap nylon thread used in most satchels. The 316 stainless steel hardware is the highest quality and most durable option available. Finally, the cowhide strap is adjustable and can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.

Full Grain Leather Satchel

Our cow leather is full grain leather and thicker than boot leather. The top layer of a leather hide is where the grain lives. The grain on leather is like shingles on a roof. Low to mediocre quality companies shave off the grain to get rid of the scars of the hide. They save a ton of money that way. But they're shaving off the leather's toughest and most resistant part. What would you think if someone shaved the shingles off of your roof?

The businesses that make cheap satchels are like that. They are not out to create classy, elegant satchels; they just want to sell the type of junk that might last long enough for the return policy to end. To make our leather satchels, we throw out a lot of leather. See, we are not trying to save on material, and people that know about Saddleback know we represent traditional high end quality. We always search for the best materials for our satchels to make distinctive designs.

Satchel Lining-

Our pigskin lining is stronger than cow leather, and that's why we can offer the 100 Year Warranty. I think it's a better lining than some shiny nylon fabric with a neat world map. You can see the map on your phone, but if you want a material that will last, that is what the pigskin offers. It is also a lighter brown color making it even easier to see inside your satchel in lower lighting conditions.

Thread in the Satchel-

The German thread is abnormally strong and far more expensive than the cheap nylon version. But it's the kind of thread you'll want if your life depends on this satchel staying together. You'll be able to tell the story later as opposed to if your man bag was made of a lesser thread. It's a marine grade UV resistant polyester thread that they use to sew parachutes, sails, etc. They don't use this thread on mass-produced imports because it's too expensive. It's just another thing that makes our satchels so special and long lasting.

Satchel Hardware-

We designed our own custom clasps and d-rings. Using 316 Stainless Steel hardware. Yes, I understand this is like killing a fly with a shotgun, but we NEVER have a problem with it. It's the metal of choice if your life depended on it. So if your life ever depends on a satchel, this is the satchel that you want to check out. You do not want some cheap trash that you get at the checkout line of the department store. Instead, shop for quality satchels that will become vintage and still be functional 100 years from now for your children and grandchildren to fight over after you are gone.

Functionality Of This Satchel

This Everyday Carry Satchel has all the functionality you could want to carry your essentials in. We thought of everything from the adjustable shoulder strap to the easy access opening to the front pocket.

One thing to note is that this new EDC Leather Satchel will not clip onto the older hardware (the non-stainless steel hardware - Pre 2016). This is because the new stainless steel clips do not fit over the thicker old hardware. We just had to put that out there since our designs last so long, and many people come to us with our older models.

Satchel Style

The Satchel style is simple and elegant. Rugged and classy. We love how it turned out, and I think you will. There is something so special about how the full grain leather looks, especially as it ages. It is funny to say, but as wonderful as it looks, the day you receive it is the ugliest it will ever look. See, full grain will develop a beautiful patina over time. This is highly sought after in a handbag or satchel, and you will see why over time.

What All Can Go In The Satchel?

So you are not going to fit a laptop or a bicycle in this satchel, but with the dimensions of 6.5" by 8.5", you shouldn't have a problem fitting an iPhone or Samsung in it. With that, you might keep your wallet, keys, and possibly your passport and boarding pass. You might even get some other accessories into it, such as your charging cord. Of course, a traditional satchel is not designed to hold many things but just your essentials, so you don't have to load your pockets down.

Our Craftsmanship Shows

Our craftsmen have extensive knowledge of making satchels. Unlike the way the junk you buy at the store is made, there is a person behind this. Not just someone overseas throwing material into a machine and boxing it up; there are actual craftsmen who apply their knowledge and love for what they do to make this satchel. In my opinion, I am not interested in items made with slave labor, possibly even children; I would rather support a North American company using traditional construction methods.

The stitching is beautiful on this bag. The clasps and d-rings fit perfectly and add a touch of elegance to this bag.

Tell A Story With Your EDC Satchel

You will love this EDC Leather Satchel for its beauty, durability, and functionality and because it tells a story. This is not some cheaply made piece of crap that was made in a factory overseas by someone you will never know, and it was not made to last just a season or two. Instead, this EDC Leather Satchel was made to last generations. It was made with the highest quality materials available, and it will show its character as it ages.

I think that is pretty cool, and I know you will too.


The Everyday Carry (EDC) Leather Satchel is the perfect way to carry your essentials in style. With a rugged and classy look, this satchel is ideal for any occasion, day or night.


Product Details

100-Year Warranty


Dimensions (W x H x D) 

6.50" x 8.50" x 0.50"

Weight: 1 lbs

Strap Length: 47.5"- 63.5"

Strap Width: 0.75"

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  • Posted by Michael R. on 13th Aug 2022
    EDC Satchel
    Twelve years ago I was gifted an SBL thin leather briefcase in chestnut (the double gusset ones without any small exterior or interior pockets that convert to a squared backpack). In the time since the bag has accompanied me on multiple expeditions on five continents. Indeed, it is the ONLY bag that survived the trips intact; all others have long been sent to a landfill or a recycling plant.

    So...instead of investing in a new SBL backpack or briefcase at inflation-era prices, I decided to upgrade my current one (what I have deemed as "old reliable"). I wanted an SBL bag with exterior pockets that would allow me quick access to smaller items without having to open up the full briefcase. These satchels are ideal for that...they attach easily to the handle and D-Rings on each side of my older briefcase, adding four exterior pockets with a balanced load. The versatility is ideal as well, for I can remove one or both Satchels depending on my needs. Of course, the SBL quality, look, and feel matched great, too (once these satchels get broken in).

    My only issues are weight and security.

    Regarding weight...alone, the satchels are light and easy to carry. However, when I clip two satchels to my old briefcase, it adds about two pounds of extra weight to my base bag. At the end of a long trek, I feel it.

    Regarding security...The drawstring enclosure on these satchels is an easy pick for professional thieves. I do not recommend clipping these satchels to any side bag or backpack in a crowd. In that situation, I stuff the satchels in the briefcase or take out the straps and sling them cross-body to my front, and trek on!

    Overall, a well-designed, versatile and functional option for us lifelong SBL customers who need to upgrade an existing product. Well done, Dave.
  • Posted by Kc Peoples on 1st Jul 2022
    Great satchel, just wish it was bigger..
    I love this satchel and use it every day! I am a huge fan of saddlebacks products. My only complaint is that I wish it were designed similar to the pockets on the "front pocket leather briefcase". I feel that the satchel would be comparable to its current size while drastically increasing what could fit inside.

    If saddleback updates the design I WILL BE BUYING IT!
  • Posted by John M. on 27th Mar 2021
    EDC Leather Satchel is a great companion item
    Great bag. I have it attached to my medium leather briefcase. Provides easy/quick access to my iPhone, iPad mini, car keys, wallet, etc., without having to open the briefcase. Love it!
  • Posted by JOSE G. on 24th Mar 2021
    Love the versatility. Literally goes
    Love the versatility. Literally goes with me everywhere. Attached to my Thirteener during the work week, solo carry during the weekends.
  • Posted by Sonya R. on 9th Mar 2021
    Without bag compatibility it is a non-starter
    My saddleback leather briefcase is ‘only’ ten years old and fulfilling the promise that my children will likely fight over it when I am gone. I love my briefcase.
    That being said why would you design the EDC satchel to be incompatible with the older hardware. The forethought to make the EDC satchel hardware compatible is less than 2mm. The decisions that led to this negative engineering accomplishment are short sighted at best. I would use the word incompetence.