Simple Leather Tote

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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials

New design with double stitched straps

Leather- For any leather tote bag you're considering, make sure it is made with full grain leather. It's important because if the leather doesn't have the grain on it, it will fall apart at a young age. Every leather hide naturally comes with grain as the top layer. Those are the tightly woven fibers that naturally protect the cow. But hides are naturally thick too, so tanneries usually split them in half, the top from the bottom. Now they have two hides they can sell. One expensive hide with all of the strong grain and one cheap low quality hide that looks nice but isn't. That leather is great for decorative leather parts, but not for leather tote bags that get stress and wear. This is the main difference between cheap totes and expensive ones. The quality of the leather.

I designed this tote to be simple and no fuss, yet totally versatile. It's the perfect everyday carry bag and allows you to toss your daily necessities inside and go. The tote is also lightweight and somewhat unstructured or floppy. 

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
19" x 13" x 3.50"
Double stitched Strap: 32" (End to End)
Weight: 1.60 lbs

The story behind this leather tote bag
I designed this tote because I wanted something that was simplistic and no fuss, yet versatile. This bag is just that. It is a great everyday leather tote bag for the person who wants to be able to throw anything in their bag and go. It can really carry a lot. I also wanted something that was lightweight and somewhat unstructured or floppy.

How do I wear it? It's such a versatile bag, I carry it for all sorts of purposes including an everyday purse when I'm running here and there from home to office to store (most days). The style is really simple and goes with any outfit, casual or dressed up. I love that it keeps everything together effortlessly and is so easy to get things in and out quickly. I throw my leather clutch purse in here or the Koroha bag alone with my keys, laptop and sometimes iPad. There's a lot of room in this tote! I also like that I can fold it up and fit it in my luggage to use when traveling.


(66 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    My wife LOVES this bag

    Got this for my wife for Valentine's Day. Big hit with her and with folks who see it/comment on it. She had one lady completely go nuts over it (I was there) and had to know where it came from. Of course, being a 15 year Saddleback customer myself, I was happy to tell her about the company and website.

    I can see the large wallet iny wife's future...even though she's using the Fry large wallet from her Fry combo. She already has the small journal (like I use for my Daytimer) and the ID wallet
    ..both in SBL matching Tobacco.

    If you are on the fence about either Love 41 or Saddleback products, I'd day get off the fence and just buy it. Worth every penny.

  • 5
    Simple Leather Tote

    Love it!!! It is better than I thought it would be!

  • 5
    Simple Tote

    I absolutely adore this large simple tote in dark coffee brown!!!! It holds all of my essentials and is SO gorgeous!! It gets softer and more beautiful everytime I touch it!! Its definitely my favorite everyday bag!!!

  • 5
    Love the color and quality

    Love the color and quality of the tote.

  • 5
    Love 41 Simple Tote - Simply Heavenly

    I bought the Simple Tote in Tobacco because I already had the Small Simple Tote and wanted options for days when I carry more - like for work. I am totally in love with Tobacco leather and wish I could have a blanket in this leather - it is that luxurious I cannot stop touching it! I want the bag by me all the time like a comforter, and have to keep going to "visit" it for a stroke! It's not too big, the base is beautifully stitched and formed so that the bag can "sit" even without a big stiffener in it which I hate. It's soft so it moulds against your body and is easy to throw on and off your shoulder when you're out and about and in shops. Nice and big inside so you can just chuck everything you need in there and the inner unlined interior feels absolutely lush. I must mention the straps, as these are a major plus point for me. I've had other totes by other makers and these straps are way better. The length is perfect so that the bag hangs where it should, with no struggle to get it on, or over your coat. I have sold other totes because nice as they might be, they annoy the hell out of me and won't go on my shoulder properly - or they slip down. Not so with Love 41, the straps are the same leather as the bag and they "grip" your shoulder, wide enough to not dig in and soft but strong. I would love to buy another of these totes - all colours in fact, but I'm in the UK so shipping is expensive and then there are the UK customs charges. But even with all that, it's still worth it. Buy the bag :)