Military First Responders Discount

Military & First Responder Discount

About the Discount

    1. Q. Do you offer Military Discounts?
      A. Yes. We give Military (Active/Retired/Veteran) and First Responders (Police/Fire/EMT) a 10% discount as a small way of saying thank you for our safety and protection. It’s done through a 3rd party verification site called

    1. Q. How do I get the discount?
      A. Once your cart is full, proceed to checkout. Have your ID handy and click on the “Military or First Responder” button. You’ll be taken to the site for a quick and straight-forward identification process. You can sign-in there if you already have an account or go through the quick steps of setting up a new account. Once verified, you’ll be back at your Saddleback cart to finish checking out.

    1. Q. Can I call in to get this discount?
      A. Nope. For integrity and security purposes, our customer service folks will not be able to apply this for you.

    1. Q. Can I get the 10% off anything and everything?
      A. Dave’s Deals, Gift Certificates and other sale items or promotions are excluded.

    1. Q. What if I’m buying Saddleback and Love 41 pieces at the same time?
      A. Great. Load up your cart and the 10% discount works for Love 41 pieces too. Just not on Suzette’s Steals, Gift Certificates and other sale items or promotions.

    1. Q. What if I have issues getting into the account?
      A. Questions will need to be directed to at 866-688-5772 or you can click here.
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