Side Pocket Leather Duffle Bag

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This Side Pocket Leather Duffle Bag is over-engineered to not break. There's nothing there to break. No zippers, snaps, buttons, etc. and each of the spots that get stress are reinforced with rivets and hidden polyester strips. This leather overnight bag is built with just a few pieces of very large leather to have as few seams as possible. And then we stitched the few seams of that there are with only 5 stitches in each inch instead of the common 7 or 9. We wanted more leather between each of the holes that the needles made. A sewing machine is actually a perforation machine. 

Our leather is the strongest we can find. Imagine leather is like a roof. First, you put down the plywood, then the tar paper and then on top you put the tough water-resistant shingles. The shingles are the same as the grain of a hide of leather. It's pretty much the top 25% of the hide. It's the toughest most watertight part with all of the tight hard fibers. A lot of companies sand or split off the top of the hide with all of the grain to get rid of the scars and blemishes but remove all of the grain. It's like taking off the shingles of the roof. You still have a roof, but it won't last long. And then lined the thick leather with pigskin, which is stronger than the cow skin. And if this leather overnight bag weren't strong enough with that, we sew it all together with our strangely strong industrial marine grade and UV resistant polyester thread. Nylon thread is cheaper but it deteriorates when the sun hits it. Our custom hardware is maybe a little overkill. It's 316 Stainless Steel (please please google it). The clasps have been tested to hold up to 750 lb bags of cats without breaking. When we put the next cat in there, it broke. There's really no other leather leather duffle bag like it. 

I designed this one with a good amount of pockets in it relative to our other leather duffle bags. And it has a big spacious pocket on the interior backside to keep dirty things apart from not dirty things. There is a back pocket for tickets and magazines and a pocket on each end with a pocket behind the pocket. The straps can be removed to be used as a belt or tie down for the duffle bag itself.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
Shoulder strap adjusts long from 34"-59".

Dimensions (W x H x D)
19" x 10.75" x 9"
Weight: 7.50 lbs


(55 reviews) Write a Review

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    I’m a Saddleback fan. Have 3 briefcases and a backpack. This bag’s design makes it difficult to use. Shoulder strap attaches to top opening and hence you can’t just pop open top while over your shoulder without whole thing coming open. Also top straps to hold shut run through side pockets so you can’t open side pockets either without undoing all these straps. Top should be independent of shoulder strap and side pockets should be independent of straps that tie down bag. I’m sure it works great for what Dave uses it for, it it doesn’t function for the common man. Make the changes and I’ll buy one. Just sold mine.

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    4 years later with this bag

    I work in a hard industry. Almost all of my gear gets beaten, tossed, dropped, scuffed up. I've destroyed a lot of work bags and luggage. So far I've had this bag for 4 years and I've done nothing to care for it other than rub it down with boot conditioner maybe once a year if I remember it. and so far, nothing. No dings, no snags, no busted threads, no problems. It's hard as a brick and just as tough. I mean yeah, it's a heavy damn bag. But when you put half a cow into one piece of luggage that's what you'll get.

    It was my second piece of saddleback leather and I plan on getting another soon. Zero complaints.

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    Amazing!!! So well done. So

    Amazing!!! So well done. So much attention to details. It’s so beautiful, I want to put it in the living room on my coffee table to show it off. If you purchase this duffle bag, you will not be disappointed. It’s not a duffle bag but a work of art.

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    Looks Great, Smells Great.

    The bag is solid and has a nice heft to it, and a beautiful chocolate brown. I have practiced cramming as much stuff as possible into it and with the right technique can fit about a weeks worth of clothes. At 6’3” and 250, that’s a lot of yards of cloth. A pair of shoes and a toiletry bag will cut that down a bit though. Initially the leather is stiff, which is to be expected and the break in process is ongoing as I have had it just over a month. Superficial scuffs are easily obtained and give the bag a nice patina if you like the weathered look. Leather conditioner or balm will quickly make them disappear if you want to keep the bag looking pristine. The only thing I would critique is the inner pocket, it tends to get in the way if you are not using it. That is by no means a deal breaker but in future designs I would incorporate a fastener to keep it folded neatly out of the way, perhaps like the one that is used on the pocket coin purse. In all, I am extremely pleased with this purchase and look forward to many years of hard and frequent use.

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    This bag is awesome, perfect

    This bag is awesome, perfect for travel and everyone is always complimenting it! At first we were worried it was too nice to take anywhere, but the more scratches and nics it gets the better it looks!