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16" Tumbled Leather Drawstring Backpack

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What Fits - 16" Tumbled Leather Backpack

16" Tumbled Leather Drawstring Backpack with Elephants

What is Tumbled Leather?

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Great backpack that'll last forever

Simply put, this is a great backpack that is made to last. Really nice leather, just the right size, I'm a big fan. Happy to own one!
28th Jun 2023
Grant Burke
The 16" Leather Drawstring Backpack is simple and functional, with a wide open top and pigskin-lined back, as well as a laptop pocket that fits a 13” Macbook.

Design of the 16" Leather Drawstring Backpack

The Leather Drawstring Backpack is designed to be simple, yet functional. The inside is super spacious, there's a built in laptop sleeve that fits up to a 16" MacBook Pro, and it has the most unique side pockets I've ever seen on a bag. The same pocket is accessible from the inside and outside of the backpack. When empty The backpack straps are adjustable to fit any size frame and come with leather tubes for a more comfortable carry on your shoulders. The tumbled leather is tough as nails, but still supple and feels broken in already. This is arguably the most comfortable backpack I've designed and carried.

A Drawstring Closure That Is Easy To Open and Close

When the leather drawstring is completely extended, the top of the bag can be opened up really wide, so it’s easy to dig through and find what you need. Once you’re done, just cinch the leather drawstring closure back tight, then fold the top flap over and buckle it down. This also acts as a double security feature for your 16” Leather Drawstring Backpack.

Leather Drawstring Backpack Lined With Pigskin

I wanted to keep this leather backpack as lightweight as possible, so it's only lined where the bag needs extra reinforcement and structure. This adds strength to the leather drawstring backpack since pigskin is stronger than leather. These are all factors we considered in designing the best leather drawstring backpack.

This leather backpack has a built-in laptop sleeve to fit a 16" laptop.

Fits a 16” MacBook and More

The Leather Drawstring Backpack will hold everything you need for a busy day or a short trip. You can fit up to a 16” MacBook or 16” Laptop in the built-in laptop sleeve and still have plenty of room to fit all your other daily essentials. The main compartment is spacious enough to fit an overnight trip worth of clothes, so the 16" Drawstring makes for a perfect carry-on.

Double Layered Adjustable Shoulder Straps

The leather drawstring backpack adjustable shoulder straps are double-layered and have 15 holes for a variety of adjustment points. Small or large frame, this bag is fit for everyone. This double layering also adds plenty of extra strength.

Rolled Full Grain Leather Top Carry Handle

When you carry this backpack as a leather bag, you want it to be comfortable in your hand. So the top carry handle is made with comfort in mind. We rolled it, so it’s soft and fits naturally in your hands. The way all leather bags should be. Throw it on your back easily, or carry it by the handle.

The 16" Full Grain Leather Drawstring Backpack is designed with simplicity and functionality in mind, featuring a wide opening, pigskin-lined back, laptop pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps.

Full Grain Leather Drawstring Backpack

We only use real full-grain leather. It’s the toughest leather we can find. It doesn’t have any of the top layers shaved off, which is what most other companies do to get rid of scarring/marking or brands that a hide may have. We leave all the grain on so it doesn't lose any integrity.

Tumbled Full Grain Leather

We did you a favor, though. This leather backpack is made from tumbled leather, which makes it much softer and pliable. It also looks really cool right away too. We basically broke the leather in for you before we made it. The award-winning tannery we get our leather from says tumbled leather is even stronger than our regular leather. That's saying something.

Our hardware, like the drawstring backpack, is over-engineered

The buckle and d-rings are made from custom 316 stainless steel hardware that your life can depend on. 316 stainless steel is also used for surgical equipment and is salt water resistant, making it perfect for the beach. This type of hardware is also extra strong. We tested it with 750 pounds, so I don’t believe it will ever face anything that will hurt it.

The 16" Drawstring Backpack on a 5'9" male.

The Best Thread and Stitching

The leather is stitched with industrial-strength polyester thread that is UV and water resistant. So you don’t have to worry about your stitching coming undone in the rain or sun. This is the thread they use when they stitch together a parachute or a boat sail. So I thought it would be perfect for your leather backpack.

Fewer Seams for Added Strength

It’s made with only two pieces of leather, so there are fewer seams. Fewer seams mean less potential for a tear. We sew the leather at only 7 stitches per inch, and the thread we use is abnormally strong.

Side Pockets Unlike Any You've Ever Seen

This leather backpack has unique side pockets that we call inside-out pockets. The pockets are accessible from the outside AND the inside of the backpack. You can reach your hand from the outside of the bag all the way into the main compartment inside to get what you need. If you don't have the pocket stuffed out from the outside, you can use the inside pocket for more organization.

16" Leather Drawstring Backpack Tobacco

A 100 Year Warranty

All of the information above is how we can offer a 100 year warranty on a backpack. So enjoy the great feeling when you buy a quality design that you know for a fact will last you at least 100 years. Contact us if you have any questions or would like more information. And after delivery, enjoy the backpack for a few days, then leave a review. We love to hear everyone’s thoughts.

What The Leather Drawstring Backpack Fits

16” Macbook Pro

An Overnight Trip Worth of Clothes 

A lot more than you think

Product Details

100-Year Warranty

16” H x 12” W x 7” D

Pockets: 9" H x 6.5" W

Built in Laptop Sleeve

Weight: 5 lbs. 

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  • Posted by Grant Burke on 28th Jun 2023
    Great backpack that'll last forever
    Simply put, this is a great backpack that is made to last. Really nice leather, just the right size, I'm a big fan. Happy to own one!