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Bear Trap Leather Coin Purse

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Leather Coin Pouch Purse is perfect for change and fun to open and close

What People Think


Love it!

Love it!
20th Jun 2021
Noemi D.

Using it for a rosary

Using it for a rosary case. Works great. Way more durable than the cheap pouches the sell in Catholic book stores. Would recommend.
16th Jun 2021
Will C.

Quality product

Quality product
9th Apr 2021
Gregory P.

Great product

Great product
8th Apr 2021
Larry C.
This is a leather coin purse that is perfect for men or women, boys or girls, and is a great gift idea for Christmas or a birthday.

This Bear Trap Leather Coin Purse is just plain cool. I keep all of my Pesos in it for when we travel to Mexico. There are two pieces of custom made spring steel in the top part that cause it to want to stay closed. Of course, our leather is full grain leather so it will just age well as it gets older. Because it's leather, it will also stretch to hold the amount of coins you need it to. It's just a plain fun leather coin pouch to keep the coins in your pocket, briefcase, or in your car, organized.

A Perfect Low Cost Full Grain Leather Gift

This is a great gift idea for a man or woman, a boy or girl who loves to have something different, something of high quality. It makes a perfect stocking stuffer when shopping for a Christmas or a birthday present that will last. Do you know that guy that jingles when he walks, always carrying a collection of loose change in his pockets like he is ready to buy the world a round of snacks at the vending machine? Or the gal that has to dig for an hour in the bottom of her leather tote to feed the parking meter? Our full grain leather coin purse makes their life and yours more convenient. If they carry more money in change that can fit in the coin pouch, grab them a leather satchel to save their money in and bury it in the backyard or tell them to open an account to protect their riches.

Perfect for Someone That Likes To Show Off

If you like to show off without screaming to the world, look at me, this is perfect. People will notice and remember when you pull this out of your pocket. They will want to know where you got it and how much it costs. This is a great conversation starter that you can use repeatedly. The more you use it, the better it looks.

A coin purse is perfect for someone who likes to show off and for travel.

A Must-Have Coin Purse For Travel

This seems like quite a claim but think about it. When you travel, you will find old parking meters and snack machines. Yes, not all of those have gone digital, and there are some that you just don't want to trust with your card. If you have traveled enough, you know what I am talking about. When you swipe that card, the security of your bank account goes out the window just as fast as you can send out an email to the wrong person giving up your password or other personal information. Then you spend the rest of your trip checking your bank account.

Perfect for Someone That Wants To Smell Leather

This is like low cost gateway into the world of quality leather goods. When you open the bear trap leather coin pouch, you will want to stick your nose in it. I do not recommend you walk around with it attached to your nose, but if you are slick enough, you can look natural while you get a whiff. Everyone loves the smell of leather, men, and women. These coin purses make it easy to get that quick fix of sniffing leather, and full grain at that.

This is a great gift for someone that wants to smell leather.

Makes a Great Leather Gift For Employees, Clients, or Customers

Employees give most of their waking hours, and clients and customers give you their trust, notice a pattern. Yes, you hopefully give your employees reasonable compensation for their time, and your clients and customers are hopefully getting something great in return for the trust they give you. But, how about a full grain leather coin pouch to show that extra appreciation, something to keep them around? I am sure they are going to appreciate it more than that ten-dollar-off coupon to that hundred-dollar steakhouse. If you give them something like that coupon, you might as well join the other companies looking for more employees. But if you provide them with something like this with a 100 year warranty, you might have an employee for life.

Full Grain Leather Coin Pouch

Full Grain Leather is the secret to making leather goods that last. I shouldn't say secret, because it is not a secret to manufacturers. It is just a secret to most uneducated consumers. But, now that you know, it is no longer a secret.

So, What Is Full Grain Leather?

In short, it is the highest quality leather available and is made from the full grain of the hide. This makes it the strongest, most beautiful, and most durable leather. Unfortunately, it is also the most expensive, so makers of cheap leather coin purses don't want you to be educated. All that is removed in full grain is the hair of the cow. The natural markings (brands, scars, bug bites, etc.) are all still in the hide and are cut away to make the highest quality leather coin purse.

The highest quality and most durable leather is full grain, and it is made from the hide's full grain.

Top Grain Leather

top grain leather coin purse is the second highest quality of leather and is made from the top layer of the hide that has had the finest part shaved off, the most rugged outer layer. This is done, so the manufacturer doesn't have to throw out any of the leather. Of course, it makes them a little more profit, but we are raising the bar on quality.

Genuine Leather Coin Pouch

You get this from the department store on a black Friday sale. Retailers should remove the term genuine leather from everything, but they won't, so I will educate you. It just means leather of some type is in the item. It could be that awful bonded leather, just leather pieces and leather dust glued together to make PVC or PU leather. It is like the difference between particle board and solid wood, but worse. It is not even in the same ballpark as full grain or top grain leather.

I hope this has helped educate you a little better about full-grain leather and cheap alternatives like PU and PVC leather. As always, if you have any leather questions, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to talk with you more about leather.

These coin purses are designed to keep their mouth shut until you squeeze them, with custom spring steel pieces that have a memory to remain in the closed position.

These Leather Coin Purses Know To Keep Their Mouth Shut

Like a well-educated husband's mouth, these coin purses stay shut until they are squeezed. There are custom spring steel pieces that have a memory to remain in the closed position until you squeeze it. It is actually enjoyable to squeeze, and you can do it quietly or let it pop shut by letting it loose faster.


Product Details

100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)

Exterior: 3.50" x 3.25" x 0.18"

Weight: 0.05 lbs

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  • Posted by Carl on 10th Jul 2021
    Breakable Parts?
    Apparently I'm extremely hard on things. I've hade 2 of these break on me. The spring steel that is used for the bear trap action, has broke in the middle of the opening. Not sure if this is a common problem or not. I have a lot of Saddleback products and love them all. Very disappointing.
  • Posted by Noemi D. on 20th Jun 2021
    Love it!
    Love it!
  • Posted by Will C. on 16th Jun 2021
    Using it for a rosary
    Using it for a rosary case. Works great. Way more durable than the cheap pouches the sell in Catholic book stores. Would recommend.
  • Posted by Gregory P. on 9th Apr 2021
    Quality product
    Quality product
  • Posted by Larry C. on 8th Apr 2021
    Great product
    Great product