Leather Business Card Holder Wallet

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Product Overview

This Leather Business Card Holder is used by a lot of people as their regular wallet and uses the business card pouch for cash or coins. It's a great wallet for the minimalist who has at least one front pocket on his pants.

Excellent Leather Explained
This Business Card Holder wallet is made completely out of full-grain leather. Let me explain why that's such a big deal. The leather's grain gives the leather most of its strength, water resistance (that's how cows stay waterproof) and the cause for the leather aging so nicely. All leather has grain... to start.

Companies that try to compete by selling leather business card holders at the lowest price have to save money somewhere, so they save it with the leather or slave labor. But let's just say leather for now. They buy cheap low quality heavily scarred up full-grain leather, shave off the scars and blemishes and now can use every inch of the hide to make wallets. If they shave some of the grain off, that's called top grain leather. If they shave all of it off (watch how they shave it here at minute 6:30) or split the hide in half, then that's called genuine or split leather.

Companies that compete on quality, buy the expensive full-grain leather that doesn't have a lot of scars and then cut around the main blemishes and throw that costly blemished leather in the trash. It lasts longer and looks better over time. All we do is find people who care about saving money by buying quality. We're not after the shortsighted ones who buy a new leather business card holder or wallet every couple of years. This will last, just like our Slim Leather Business Card Holder

Why our Leather Wallets are the Toughest Wallets
We don't count on just the full-grain leather to keep the Leather Wallet strong. We line that leather with pigskin, which is tougher than the cowhide. That's how we can do the 100-Year Warranty. And then we sew it with our tough marine-grade polyester thread. That's the thread they use to sew parachutes and ship sails with. If your life depends on something sewn, you should hope it's sewn with polyester thread. And the thick kind. And then between the pigskin and leather, is a thin layer of Radio Frequency ID (RFID) blocking material to keep your credit cards from getting scanned and identification stolen. It's pretty common.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
Built-in RFID Blocker

Dimensions (W x H)
3" x 4"
Weight: 0.10 lbs


(70 reviews) Write a Review

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    I love this wallet. This

    I love this wallet. This is my third product from Saddleback and absolutely super high quality again. Well worth the money!

  • 4
    Love this little one!

    Great size to double as business card and cash holder. Really great for front pocket. One thing noted inside stiches around ID holder mark the leather opposite. Great buy, multi-functional and smells great!

  • 5
    1st Saddleback purchase

    This was the very 1st purchase for my husband as a gift. He absolutely loves it! It’s his everyday carry and all his cards fit perfectly! We fell in love with the quality and durability right away. Thanks Dave for creating this simple design with comfort to last a lifetime.

  • 5
    Love the large Pouch on this wallet.

    I bought this and the slim bifold wallet because I couldn't decide between them. For context, 4 years ago I bought the slim bifold wallet and was looking for something a bit slimmer.

    When loaded with the same number of cards all three seem to have about the same amount of bulk. I was seeking a slimmer wallet for the summer and in retrospect think I would have been better off with the slim leather card wallet which I may yet purchase.

    I initially purchased the Dark Coffee and it has broken in nicely. I recently purchased Tobacco (Pouch wallet) and Black (Slim Bifold). They all look good and I'm glad to have all three colors.

    A number of reviewers complain about the bulk and it being hard to get cards into the slots. As Dave says on a number of videos, as the wallet breaks in you will easily be able to get more cards into it. I overfilled my first slim bifold wallet for awhile and now the cards slide in and out extremely easy.

    I'll summarize the advantages of the three wallets I have below and hope you find it helpful. It was difficult for me to find comparison reviews.

    All wallets have the cards hidden on the inside which is a preference of mine, however as mentioned I am considering getting the slim leather card wallet simply because it has less bulk.

    Small Bifold
    Of the three this remains one of my favorites. It is remarkably slim and holds bills without having to fold them. The slightly taller Canadian bills also fit. Cards are easy to access from the two slots. My wife is currently using this wallet and likes the functionality of it but like me would prefer a smaller wallet for the summer.

    Slim Bifold
    The genius of this wallet design is 5 different pockets you can store cards in which allows for great organization and the ability to store frequently used cards in the most accessible pockets and less used cards hidden at the back.

    Leather Business Card Holder (Pouch) Wallet
    I bought this in Tobacco and have to say it is a very nice leather. I use the window pocket to store 1-2 business cards and a parking pass hidden behind them.

    There is a small pocket in front of the pouch that I usually store two credit cards and one debit card in. Currently I have 5 cards in it as I try to stretch it out a bit more. The Pouch stores my bills folded once and Driver's License and Health Card. There's lots of room to put other cards in the pouch and of course it would be perfect to store a stack of business cards in.

    It's actually a very flexible wallet. You could store a lot of various types of cards in the gusseted pouch and still have a couple of pockets available for quick access to specific cards.

    I'm pretty sure once the Canada US border opens up I'll be ordering the slim leather card wallet to be delivered to my US post box, because delivery fees to Canada are ridiculous. Not Dave's fault.

    Thanks for reading my review. Be forewarned, a Saddleback leather wallet will not be the last wallet you buy. I've already bought two more and am already thinking of buying a fourth. From my perspective, they offer a lot of value for the price and last better than any other wallet I've purchased.

  • 5

    I purchased this wallet and it arrived very quickly. The quality of this wallet is outstanding!! I cannot get over how well made/designed this product is.. It’s functionality is perfect.. especially for the time we are in where cards are almost the go to over cash. This wallet will hold a great bunch of cards with room to spare for cash as well. I loved this product so much.. the day I received it, (which was today) I purchased another wallet just based on the simple fact.. that I love it and want another type/ style from saddleback! I love a wallet that ages well and has a beautiful patina . So I went with another style wallet in a different color.. simply to have another outstanding wallet and watch both patina in there own way! Please never change the quality, because the quality of these wallets are outstanding. Dave your wallets are simply the best!!!!!