Slim Bifold Leather Wallet

0.10 LBS
4.25 (in)
3.00 (in)
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Product Overview

This slim front pocket wallet was built with full-grain leather. Let me explain why it's so important that it is. The leather's grain is on the top of the hide and the most durable part. The grain helps it to age handsomely and stay water resistant (cows are waterproof, right?) All leather has grain... to start. Most companies try to make their wallets for the lowest price possible, so buy low quality heavily scarred up leather, shave off the scars (watch how they shave it here at minute 6:30) and blemishes (along with all of the grain) and now can use every inch of the hide. If they shave off some of the grain off, that's top grain leather. If they shave all of it off or split the hide in half, then that's called genuine or split leather. We WANT as much grain on our wallets as we can get. We want all of it. So we cut around the scars and blemishes and throw a lot of leather away. Others don't.

Then we line our leather wallets with pigskin, which is a tougher hide than the cow leather. It's why we offer a 100-year Warranty. And then we sew it with our tough marine-grade polyester thread. It's what they sew parachutes and ship sails with. If your life depends on something that is sewn, you'll want it sewn with our thread. In between the leather and pigskin is a thin layer of Radio Frequency ID blocking material so your wallet in a crowd and your identity stolen. It happens all the time.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
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Dimensions (W x H) 
4.25" x 3"
Weight: 0.10 lbs

How this wallet was born
For about 6 years, I had been buying my favorite wallet designs every time I saw one I liked something about. For example, one time we went to a gift shop on the edge of Yellowstone National Park in the winter and there was a rack of junk India trash wallets, but there were some small design features that I liked. So I bought 5 of wallets and tucked them away. Over the years, I had collected about 120 wallets that I liked something about and I narrowed those wallets down to my favorite 10. I made some tweaks and changes to them, and over the course of about 2 years and 6 prototypes each, I came up with 10 really great wallets to test. We made them bulletproof with our leather and pigskin and then put them up on the site. Well guess what. This wallet and another wallet were the hands-down favorites of the 10, up for sale.