Simple Weatherproof Canvas Backpack

4.60 LBS
13.00 (in)
17.00 (in)
5.00 (in)

Product Overview

waxed canvas backpack rucksack in Iceland

The Canvas Quality
Built with uncommonly thick 24 oz waxed canvas from Scotland, this extremely strong and water-resistant canvas backpack is a life time bag. This canvas backpack can be carried using the Old Bull grab handle or the adjustable 34"" Old Bull leather shoulder straps that are contoured for a comfortable fit. Dark Coffee Brown Old Bull leather pad lines the back and bottom of the pack for comfort and protection from inside contents; The leather is stamped with month and year of construction. Exterior leather pad of the canvas backpack doubles as an exterior pocket and allows for items, such as a tripod or ax, to be carried under the bag. Sewn leather tabs on the side of the backpack for lashing or hanging extra gear. Drawstring closure on the backpack is with an adjustable flap to keep out the rain; The main flap secures with easy-access pad eye closure. Wide-open, simple design with three interior pockets. It is over-engineered with high-quality materials for when your life depends on it; Can (with much effort or very sharp knife) be shredded and wrapped to make a torch. Will outlast you and maybe your kids or even your kids' kids. Easily fits a 15" MacBook, iPad, or Leather Portfolio - all with room to spare.

To be noted:
Waxed canvas is the original water resistant fabric, and comes with the attendant charms and quirks of being a centuries-old technology. In the young days of your bag, you may experience slight wax transfer from the canvas to any particularly absorbent contents in the bag (such as paper, etc). It is recommended that these contents are kept in a case while in the bag. Something to keep in mind as the bag breaks in.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
Exterior: 13" x 17 x 5"
Interior: 12" x 16.75" x 5"
Weight: 4.60 lbs