Hog Sack Set

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Hi, this is Cross Munson, Dad's son. I designed these little leather bags because I had extra pigskin from making my leather backpacks and satchel and I think they're cool. They're really great for holding things you can't fit in your pockets. The small Hog Sack can hold marbles, coins and other small things. The medium size Hog Sack can hold small stuff in my bags and the Large Hog Sack can hold cords and cables and whatever else you have in your bag. 

Product Details
100 Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H)
Small: 3.50" x 3.50"
Weight: 0.05 lbs

Medium: 4" x 4"
Weight: 0.10 lbs

Large: 6" x 6.50"
Weight: 0.25 lbs


(14 reviews) Write a Review

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    These are great! All of

    These are great! All of Saddleback products are worth the money. I own several items from them. Can’t wait to buy more!

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    Durable and Flexible - Many Uses

    I bought these to act as digital camera lens bags and they are PERFECT for that role. Lightweight and strong, they offer a barrier for the lenses to avoid scratches and nicks. You can imagine many other uses too, I'm certain.

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    Good quality but smaller than I thought

    They arrived on time and are made with quality. However, they are much smaller than I thought they would be. I think the largest one is a good size and I can use. The other two, especially the smallest one is, in my opinion borderline useless (unless you need a change purse). I may be able to store some small golf stuff (markers and tees) in the middle one.

    The price was reasonable.

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    My Hog Sack Set

    My three are the Bacon color. They are very different sizes. The small is shown holding a iPhone charger. I think it is good for little stuff like that that is easy to misplace otherwise. The middle guy is used for some of my small camera lenses. All of the sack have circular bottoms so they work well for things that are round. The big sack can hold a LOT of stuff. I can put one of my larger lenses in it, but I like to use it for my lens adapters, brushes, battery charger, spare battery, extra lens caps - -all that kind of stuff. It has room to spare! I really, really like the Hogsback Leather labels on these. That little touch sets them up nice and proud. I find that they do not easily cinch very tight with those leather drawstrings. The top opening can be made small enough that nothing falls out, but they do not come close to sealing. Doesn't bother me - but that is how mine are. If the sizes were sold separately, I would find more uses for the large and medium. But I am really glad I have that small one - it is so unique!
    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2izy8N4][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49606471771_ccbacdfa79_b.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2izy8N4]HogSacksFull[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/186302265@N08/]Bert Cheney[/url], on Flickr

    [url=https://flic.kr/p/2izvvMx][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/49605960413_5d46f8cb15_b.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2izvvMx]HogSackStuff[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/186302265@N08/]Bert Cheney[/url], on Flickr