Leather Laptop Bag

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Hi, this is Cross Munson, Dad's son. I started designing lightweight backpacks and satchels when I was 9 years old because I wanted a leather backpack but all my dad's backpacks were too heavy. So he told me he would help me make a leather satchel and backpack but I had to draw it up and design it, and it could not have any breakable parts like velcro.

Now that I'm a little older I have this cool lightweight laptop bag that I designed myself. No breakable parts like Dad said, just really tough pigskin leather and d-rings. There's a pocket on the inside for a laptop, journal, or tablet. I put a pocket on the backside of the bag too. I use it to hold my Louis L'Amour books or a deck of cards for magic tricks. 

What It Fits
Up to 16" Macbook (If placed in the main compartment)
Large Leather Portfolio

Product Details
100 Year Warranty
13.75"W x 11.5"H x 3.25"D
Weight:  1.6lbs


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    Needs a spine under the handle

    Leather looks great, is soft and supple - and the bag is lightweight. Purchased to carry laptop to cafes and between meetings. Not a continent crusher. In my opinion it has a design flaw. No problem when carrying over the shoulder using the strap - but when you carry by handle the sides "turn up" like manta ray wings and it looks weird. If I wasn't living in Thailand I'd have returned this - it was a real hassle getting it through customs for a birthday preset and quite frankly I'm annoyed at the design flaw - I get that the softness of the leather works against the design but it is really not good - I gave it 2 not 1 star many because it is a beautiful looking piece. Needs a spine or bracing along the length of the bag attached to handle to stop the curling. I will have to use it as an over the shoulder carry case. See attached photos

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    Sholder strap not removable

    First light weight bag. I do not see how to remove the sholder strap when wanting to carry by the single handle. Really is lightweight. Not like any of the other leather or canvas bags! The single closer seems like it is being stressed with a heavy load insde. Having two rather than just the one would make it feel like it would hang better when carrying by the handle. 100 years is long time.

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    Love it! Perfect for me.

    I wanted a super light weight bag for work that I could also use as a satchel when I travel. The kicker is the bag has to be able to be stored in my carry on completely flat. This thing is perfect for this purpose. It fits my 15” laptop, 65% keyboard, mouse , cables, ipad and notepad. I read the review regarding concerns over the handle, I disagree that it feels like it would come off over time. The nature of this pig skin is very stretchy and strong. I carry this thing overloaded sometimes and it does seem to handle it great by distributing the weight well around the flap. I have a ton of SBL bags and I am very happy to carry this pretty much all the time.

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    A little bummed.

    A swing and a miss on this one, I think. I feel bad about being disappointed in it as I love Saddleback, but right out of the box I knew this wasn't going to be for me after all. True, it weighs much, much less than the other bags, which I why I was drawn to it to begin with. It's light, though, because the leather is super duper thin. Pigskin is tough - I get it - but this just doesn't feel sturdy at all. The grab handle on top in particular feels like it could come off at any second as it's just sewn on. The brads and buckles on the Saddleback stuff - though they add weight - surely do lend confidence regarding handles and pressure points.

    If you've never owned any of Dave's stuff, you might be completely happy with this one. For those SB fans accustomed to something a little hardier (and heavier - sigh), this one might let you down.

    Already on its way back to Texas, having only been out of the box for a couple minutes. Still a fan of Saddleback Leather, however!