Large Leather Jewelry Box

2.00 lb




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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Leather- Full grain leather is the key to long lasting heirlooms that are passed down for granddaughters to use after you. The grain is the protective layer on top of the hide and this leather jewelry box still has all of the grain. Not all leather companies can claim that. The buy cheap leather that has had all of the grain removed for one reason or another. 

Zipper- As the zipper goes, so goes your precious leather jewelry box. That's why we sewed on a very expensive high quality zipper from Spain. It is one of the highest quality zippers in the world so generations of women will enjoy this jewelry box.

Lining- The leather jewelry box is beautiful on the outside, but maybe even more beautiful on the inside with the soft and luxurious looking pigskin on the inside. We turned the skin inside out so the suede looking side is showing. You're going to love the look. Of course, pigskin isn't just a pretty face. It's stronger than the cowskin. 

This leather jewelry box is the perfect companion for carrying your jewelry with you on anything from an overnight trip to a two-week (or longer) excursion. It will easily carry a small amount of jewelry while keeping it safe and secure during your trip. You may find that you love it so much it has other great uses, such as carrying your essential oils or various nicknacks. The amazing leather will only grow more beautiful as you use it.

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
6” x 4.50”x 5”
Interior Depth: 3.50”
Two Zippered Pouches: Small 3.50” x 2.50” | Large 5.50” x 4”
Weight: 0.66 lbs

The story behind this Large Jewelry Box
Any of you who know Dave and I know that our family travels a lot! Of course, wherever I go I have to take some jewelry with me and this Love 41 Large Leather Jewelry Box is the perfect accessory to carry my bling. I think the design is perfect because I don’t carry a lot of jewelry with me so I never need anything too big. I love that it’s beautiful, super high-quality, and the perfect size. The large jewelry box comes with two zippered pouches. These are great to put your valuables in so they stay in place while you travel. I know you’ll find the Large Leather Jewelry box to be your perfect travel companion!


(17 reviews) Write a Review

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    Great for packing!

    Love this box! I got it for my tote that I got for more organization and it fits phenomenally fits a lot surprisingly, given it isn’t that big. The additional two little bags that come with it and a small side pocket are awesome and really help with sorting things out. My only wish is that it had some type of handle or tab so that I could hold/ pull it out easily. Otherwise quality is unmatched and smells great!

  • 5
    A keeper!

    My husband gave me this for Valentine's Day (and now you know what an amazing husband I have). We live overseas and travel often, and this is the perfect way to carry my jewelry with me! It smells absolutely wonderful. The snap loops on the lid and the two extra bags make for added organization. It makes me happy every time I use it (which is often right now, since we're currently "on the road.") I highly recommend!!!

  • 2
    Not Good

    A box with a zipper. I use it to throw change in it. No use for me, I should have listened to my husband.

  • 3
    Was supposed to have monogram

    Was supposed to have monogram and it does not, just has the brand name. Disappointed at Xmas. Left this comment previously in response to a prior inquiry.

  • 5
    Lovely piece, top notch quality

    Lovely piece, top notch quality as always.