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Product Overview

The big brother to the Leather 7-Ring Binder, the Leather 3-Ring Binder is capable of holding large planner refills, notepad paper, a spiral notebook, and many other miscellaneous items you may need to carry close at hand. It’ll even fit a 13” MacBook, but make sure and hold it tight so that it doesn’t slip out if you don’t have it secured in some way. If you haven’t read the backstory on my Leather 7-Ring Binder design, check it out here.

The Leather 3-Ring Binder was designed with complete functionality in mind.

When opened, the left side features 10 card slots which can be used to hold business cards, credit cards, I.D.s, or gift cards to your favorite brunch spot. There’s also a small pocket sewn along the entire length at the bottom for a small notepad or quick access to small documents. The flap is sewn on only the left and bottom side, that way you’re able to slide in an extra notepad or your favorite book. At the top there’s a pen sleeve to allow for a quick draw if you need to take a note or make an entry to your planner on the fly.

The right side also has a flap sewn in the same 2 side manner (bottom and right) giving one more place to store files and notes.

Secure closure using a leather strap sewn on the back side that slides into a tight leather ‘half loop’ sewn on the front.

Leather - One solid piece of full-grain leather makes up the entire binder. We only use the highest quality full-grain leather, which is why this 3 ringed binder is sure to last your lifetime and can be passed down to others for generations to come.

Lining - The inside is completely lined with thick veg tanned leather. This helps give the leather binder stability and structure for when you’re writing in it. It also helps protect everything you put in it from getting damaged or torn if you happen to drop it, or if your dog gets ahold of it and drags it around the neighborhood. I lined the inside of both flaps with pig skin (even tougher than cow skin) for even more added protection.

Thread - When we sew our leather bags and leather goods together we use only 5 stitches per inch. The reason for this is because the holes that the thread goes through basically create a perforated line. So the less holes we make, the stronger our stitching is. To top it off, the thread is a thick marine-grade polyester that is UV resistant.

Hardware - The metal binders can easily be replaced if they get worn out from use. It’s super simple by just removing the 2 screws that holds it on to the leather cover, lay the new binder in place and secure with the 2 screws you removed. The binders are universal so you can find replacements with no problem.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
10.75" x 12.25" x 2"
Weight: 2.2 lbs

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(3 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Leather 3 Ring Binder

    Just received my Leather 3 Ring Binder and have not been this overjoyed in years (or at least since my last Saddleback purchase). The quality continues to amaze me. Can't wait to get it on the road with me. Thanks again for the exceptional products and great service.

  • 5
    Worth it!

    The previous reviewer captured my thoughts; but I will say is that this is the type of item that exemplifies the best of Saddleback. The leather quality, sturdiness, and "hand-feel" are all what will makes this your favorite item. You don't NEED this product...but it is certainly one of those things that increase your happiness quotient.

  • 5
    5 Star Binder!

    I opened up the saddleback leather box to a beautiful new 3 ring leather binder. The leather strap caught my attention first! This strap provides great security making sure there is no accidental opening of the planner. An absolute must! As I picked up the binder/planner, I could tell this was crafted to be used for the long haul. It is very sturdy and well protected. As I opened the binder/planner I was joyfully surprised by the thickness of the inside leather finishing. A concern I had with the three binders is if the rings would wear through the leather coverings, but again the thickness of the inside layer will protect against this. Which I am very enthusiastic about!

    Although I will not use this as a traditional planner, as a public speaker who engages in multiple forums, as well as in many meetings throughout the day, this is a perfect fit for me. I can use this for my notes during presentations while looking professional and fashionable. At the same time, I can use this to organize notes, plan out my day, and keep much-needed informational items with me at all times. For example, business cards, promotional items for ministries and events, etc…

    I absolutely love the sturdiness of this 3 ring leather binder along with the many different uses it has to help me with the organization of the information I need to have with me at all times!

    Great job Saddleback! You have not only met my needs but exceeded my expectations!

    Two cool side notes: First, my 13 in Mac Air lays perfectly inside the closed planner. I don’t have to carry my laptop and binder separately, but instead can carry them together! Second, this binder fits perfectly inside my Saddleback “Tank” backpack. I could not be any more pleased with this leather 3 ring binder!
    5 stars!!!
    Thank you