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Organization has never been counted among the skills that define me. When I was a youth pastor, my youth group recognized that and so they bought me a leather Day Runner ringed daily planner. I moved my wallet over to it and it changed my life. No wonder everyone in college was carrying a daily and monthly planner. I bet I even could have gotten a 2.5 GPA if I would have had one.

So, when I moved to Mexico to teach English and had my original real leather bag made, I quickly got used to the feel of quality and the compliments that came from it. But when my “leather” ringed binder started peeling, my eyes were opened to a sad and disgusting truth. What they called “faux” or “vegan leather” was actually just a slightly toxic petrochemical sheet of crap. Some may call it “Ignorant man’s leather” if you don’t know or “poor man’s leather” if you do.

Right away, I designed my second leather piece; a ringed daily planner to replace my dumpy one. Passers by oohed and aahed over my leather satchel out on the streets and waiters, cashiers and bank tellers oohed and aahed over my leather daily planner at the counters.

This is about my 5th attempt, since the year 2000, at recreating and improving that original leather ringed binder. It looked cool, but it wasn’t so comfortable to carry and it lacked some functional details. So I made adjustments and now it’s as perfect as I know how.

I designed this one for you to be able to simply replace the metal rings when they bend or wear out. You don’t have to throw your gorgeously patinaed daily planner away. Simply unscrew the nut and bolt and put a new one back on. They’re easy to find and the holes are very universal. The reason this ringed binder will end up looking cooler faster is because it’s something you will hold and touch and rub all day long. Once the edges round a little and it darkens and gets kind of shiny where you touch it all the time, it’ll be one of your favorite things.

Planner Refills:
Franklin Covey Classic 
At-A-Glance Size 4 
Day Timer Desk Size 
Avery Mini
5.5" x 8.5" 7 hole punch refills

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
7.75" x 9.75" x 2.00"
Weight: 1.4 lbs

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(11 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 4
    The Family Book of Life

    My wife is a meticulous planner. She has had a planner and used it religiously for years, but has had trouble finding something truly useful each year that wasn't made of junk, or a single use yearly planner. This takes the cake. Our family humorously calls her planner the "Book of Life" because of something important for the family needs to be in anyway recorded ......it is in there. This binder has made her day. I use a Barrister's Bag every single work day of my life. It is superb. My wife uses and Everyday Purse and loves it. This binder is equally as good. It is just what she wanted and it will be the Book of Life for the rest of her life. Well done.

    Only negative is that a tiny end piece of the stitching wasn't finished off well a d I had to mend it. Other wise, all good. Is it expensive....NO! IT IS THE LAST PLANNER I HAVE TO BUY!

    Thanks, Dave and team!

  • 5

    I am still in the old school where I write all my schedules in a binder. I love this binder so much that I ordered 2 (tobacco and DCB). I used the other one for my work schedule and the other one for my personal use where I could put all my expenses and my wishlist. It was very convenient and functional that I can flip pages to see what I needed to do and remember. It’s very well made and I love the leather of course.

  • 5
    7 Ring Binder

    I now own over a dozen SaddleBack products. Each one is crafted to perfection. They pay incredible attention to detail, the customer service is top notch and the quality of the product is as well. I used the Franklin Covey Classic size planner pages and they fit perfectly into the planner. I highly recommend!!

  • 3
    Red Lock Tight

    I have purchased many, many Saddle Back Leather Products, but I can’t believe you put Red Lock Tight on the bolts that hold the rings in the Leather 7 Ring Binder. I finally got the rings off, but now have a giant gouge in the leather. Red Lock Tight is considered permanent unless high heat is applied to the bolt. That is obviously not possible with this binder. I’m really disappointed with this product. I love the quality and design, but the inability to change the rings, due to the application of Lock Tight is difficult to understand

  • 5
    Great little binder

    I use this daily for my planner. Takes standard 7 ring paper and supplies. Expensive little book but I absolutely love it! If you use it everyday, it won't take long to pay for itself.