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Organization has never been counted among the skills that define me. When I was a youth pastor, my youth group recognized that and so they bought me a leather Day Runner ringed daily planner. I moved my wallet over to it and it changed my life. No wonder everyone in college was carrying a daily and monthly planner. I bet I even could have gotten a 2.5 GPA if I would have had one.

So, when I moved to Mexico to teach English and had my original real leather bag made, I quickly got used to the feel of quality and the compliments that came from it. But when my “leather” ringed binder started peeling, my eyes were opened to a sad and disgusting truth. What they called “faux” or “vegan leather” was actually just a slightly toxic petrochemical sheet of crap. Some may call it “Ignorant man’s leather” if you don’t know or “poor man’s leather” if you do.

Right away, I designed my second leather piece; a ringed daily planner to replace my dumpy one. Passers by oohed and aahed over my leather satchel out on the streets and waiters, cashiers and bank tellers oohed and aahed over my leather daily planner at the counters.

This is about my 5th attempt, since the year 2000, at recreating and improving that original leather ringed binder. It looked cool, but it wasn’t so comfortable to carry and it lacked some functional details. So I made adjustments and now it’s as perfect as I know how.

I designed this one for you to be able to simply replace the metal rings when they bend or wear out. You don’t have to throw your gorgeously patinaed daily planner away. Simply unscrew the nut and bolt and put a new one back on. They’re easy to find and the holes are very universal. The reason this ringed binder will end up looking cooler faster is because it’s something you will hold and touch and rub all day long. Once the edges round a little and it darkens and gets kind of shiny where you touch it all the time, it’ll be one of your favorite things.

Planner Refills:
Franklin Covey Classic 
At-A-Glance Size 4 
Day Timer Desk Size 
Avery Mini
5.5" x 8.5" 7 hole punch refills

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
7.75" x 9.75" x 2.00"
Weight: 1.4 lbs


(5 reviews) Write a Review

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    Almost Perfect

    Love my new binder. Fits my Franklin Covey perfectly. The rings need to be one size larger so I can fit a whole year of one per day pages in the binder.

  • 5
    The best binder that I have

    I bought this one in DCB and it exceeds my expectation. The color was so rich and I loved it, the smell of the leather, OMG. Well made. I filled it up with my planner and lined pages for extra sheets to write reminders. The card slots were very helpful to place my business cards, no need to carry extra pouch for those. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    It fits in the Indiana!

    This binder is divine. I ordered in DCB to carry alongside my years-old DCB Indiana. My Indy is well-loved and floppy and the planner slips right in (upright--it doesn't stick up past the top of the bag) and still with some room in the bag. And maybe I'm used to the weight of Saddleback goods, but I didn't notice a significant weight difference from previous, inferior, paperbound planners I've carried in my Indiana. The "leather" FC counterparts to this binder shockingly aren't priced much lower, for what you can see is a far inferior product. This is the clear choice. I love this binder and highly recommend it to any organized person, or person who dreams of being organized one day. This would make an incredible gift. So happy Saddleback came up with this.

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    This is AWESOME

    I've been using Franklin Covey planner for a very long time. They are great at paper, but horrible on leather. (I honestly don't even like touching my Franklin Covey leather binder. lol). I've always hoped Dave would make a planner cover. I just stumbled on this new arrival and bought it right away. It's perfect. Lays flat for writing, and closes nicely when done. Fits Franklin Covey inserts perfectly. And it has the feel and smell of my Saddleback Thin Front Pocket briefcase, back pack, water bag, etc, etc. Adding this to my collection. THANKS DAVE!!!!! This is the best new item ever!!!!!!

  • 5
    Love the new 7-ring binder!

    Dave & team deliver again. I've been a SBL customer for years and have purchased bags, belts, and accessories. The 7-ring binder more than lives up to expectations in every way: design, functionality, craftsmanship, and top-quality materials.

    Perhaps I'm a bit old school. I still like to write things down and I've carried an organizer for decades. The SBL 7-ring binder is light years ahead of any organizer I've ever had and the DCB color makes it the perfect complement to my DCB flight bag briefcase, EDC satchel, wallet, and sunglasses case.

    I believe this is the nicest organizer anyone could have and will be the very last one I buy.

    Thanks, Dave and team, for your steadfast commitment to enduring quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction. I'm a huge fan and you always exceed my expectations.