A Leather Belt That Will Last

A Saddleback Leather Belt is made from the highest quality full grain leather and comes with a 100 year warranty. You won't find a better belt anywhere else. Not only are our leather belts incredibly durable, but they also look great. The belts come in various colors, sizes, and styles to find the perfect belt. Plus, our leather belts are designed to fit comfortably around your waist.

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The difference in Leather Belts

Thinking all leather belts are the same is like thinking all meat is the same. You can get a can of Vienna sausages, or you can have a Wagyu Tomahawk steak; the choice is yours. A quality belt starts with the highest quality leather, full grain.

Full Grain Leather Belt

Full grain leather is the highest quality leather you can get. It includes the cowhide's top layer with all the natural grain intact. This leather is the strongest and most durable of all, and it's also the most expensive.

Most belts are made from lower-quality leather shaved to remove the natural grain. Unfortunately, this makes the leather weaker and more prone to cracking and tearing. However, it makes sense for overseas companies to make a profit by using it since it is cheap and will not last long. After all, they are focused on profits more than the reputation of quality.

Other types of Leather Belts

Sure, you can get a leather belt for half our price, but there are key differences. First, the type of leather will typically not be grade A full grain. Most others make genuine leather belts; it's much cheaper and won't last. That way of thinking makes you have to replace your belts faster than a pair of cheap shoes, keeping those companies in the business of repeat customers for the same item.

In the old days, companies made things last, and we still believe things should last at Saddleback. That is why we over-engineer everything we make, including our leather belts.

Why choose a Saddleback Leather Belt?

Saddleback Leather Co is all about quality leather goods, so we only use the best full grain leather in our belts. So you can rest assured you're getting a high-quality belt that will last for years. That's how we can back a 100 year warranty.

Leather Belt Hardware

The other significant difference in our leather belts is the hardware. We use solid medical-grade Stainless Steel 316 to make the best buckle, as opposed to nickel-plated brass or any other material. This might seem overkill for a belt buckle, but we are after quality. It's more than just style; it is about strength too.

Our stainless steel clips have been tested to 750 pounds, and our leather belt buckles are thicker than those. So you know it will not have any issues holding your pants up. In addition, you should know your belt buckle will never wear out on you and will remain just as shiny as the day you got it!

They'll fight over it when you're dead. 100 year warranty; No Breakable Parts; Over-engineered.

Types of Leather Belts

We have two types of leather belts, the Leather Tow Belt, and the Old Bull Leather Belt.

Our Leather Tow Belt is made of 3 layers of full grain leather. This is one strong belt. Rumor is they use our belts to pull cargo ships out that get stuck, but that might be a rumor. Seriously though, it is the strongest belt you can ever buy.

Now the Old Bull Leather Belt is no weakling either. It is made from full grain leather from an older bull. The reason a bull and not a steer is easy. A steer is castrated, and when that happens, it causes the steer to bulk up faster. That is great for getting more beef, but this takes away from the thickness of the cowhide. A bull has thicker skin, which we wanted in this belt. This leather belt is one layer of 1/4 inch thick leather.

Colors of Leather Belts

Our belts come in 4 different colors. If you are unsure what color leather belt you would like, consider your personality or the person you are buying a belt for.

Tobacco Leather Belt Personality

The tobacco-colored leather belt is usually worn by people who are easy-going, extroverted, and get their energy from being around people. They are often laid back and casual and usually like old Land Cruisers. People who purchase tobacco-colored leather belts tend to forgive quickly, be creative (particularly enjoy writing), love big dogs, be travelers, and be bad with finances. They have often never met a stranger, low maintenance, have lots of random thoughts, be inventors, and play acoustic guitar a little. They often find things funny, love the outdoors, and be adventurers.

Black Leather Belt Personality

The black leather belt is usually worn by people who look good in a thick black leather jacket, ride cruiser-type motorcycles, have black boots, and have a sense of humor. People who purchase black leather belts often also have black accents in their décor, a lot of black or gray color in their clothing, and wear thick black framed glasses. They are usually classier and have a cleaner image than people who purchase other colors of belts. They often drive Volvos or Saabs and are perfectionists.

Chestnut Leather Belt Personality

The chestnut leather belt is usually purchased by professional, more urban people who tuck their shirts in. They often have a watch band, shoes, and briefcase that match. People who buy chestnut-colored leather belts are usually highly educated and belong in a Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Saab, or Volvo. They are often classier than most people and perfectionists. They also typically have an excellent sense of taste in dressing and decorating, and they have a sense of humor.

Dark coffee brown leather belt

The dark coffee brown leather belt is usually purchased by phlegmatic, choleric, or melancholy people. They often love the outdoors; some are even private pilots and love spending time alone. They are often hobbyists who read a lot of books, and they are intellectual. People who purchase dark coffee brown leather belts are often note-takers and adaptable with people. They are often renaissance men who love adventure and being independent. They are also often musical, like expensive knives, pistols, and single-shot rifles. Photographers.

Sizes of Leather Belts - How to Choose the Right Size

Our Leather Belts come in sizes of 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, and 42 inches. If you are unsure what size belt to get, review the chart below. It makes for an easy way of sizing your new belt. Just grab your favorite belt and a tape measure and follow the instructions below!

How to get the Right Size Belt


The Best Fitting Leather Belts

You know the feeling when you have a little too much dinner and have to adjust your belt, only to find that one notch adjustment just made it too loose. The International Belt Standards Organization says we can only place five holes in a belt. Those holes are one inch apart, starting four inches from the tip. (The IBSI is not a real institute, at least that is what we tell ourselves)

We at Saddleback Leather Co told them what they could do with their standards. See, in making the greatest of anything, it can not be the same as everyone else, really, anyone else. We decided 3/4 inch distance between holes works much better to find that comfortable hole in your belt. We also decided nine holes are better than five. We are not out to punish you if you gain or lose a few extra pounds or decide you want to wear your leather belt a little looser or tighter. We also decided to put the first hole two inches from the tip, you know, if you need the extra length to strap your pet bear to the top of your truck.

See, we go against the grain at Saddleback with our full grain belts. We stand for using the best material, tools, and hardware to make the best leather belt that money can buy. Once you have owned our leather goods, you will see the difference. It's a movement to get back to great North American craftsmanship. If you are still not sure, browse around our website, and be sure to take a look at our YouTube videos. You can see how we apply the best techniques in the industry to refine our leather goods. Join the movement with your first Saddleback Leather Belt!

Signs of a Cheap Belt

Belt Stitching

This is a sure sign that the leather belt you are holding will not last. A well-made belt will have stitching that is even, tight and has no loose threads. The stitching should also be part of the design of the belt, not just functional.

Belt Materials

The materials in a cheap belt will be genuine leather or worse. This will cause the belt to start cracking and eventually falling apart and finding its new home in the trash can.

Belt Buckle

The hardware, such as the belt buckle on a cheap belt, will be made of flimsy metals that will eventually break. This is not only going to make the belt unusable, but it can also be dangerous.

Leather Belts Meant to be Worn for Decades

Saddleback Leather Belts are the way to go if you're looking for a belt that will last more than a lifetime. Made from the highest quality full grain leather, high end craftsmanship, easy sizing, and backed by a 100 year warranty. You won't find a better belt anywhere else.

The Best Leather Belts Get Better with Age

Typical belts need to be replaced every so often. This is because of the cheap materials used to make the belts and mass manufacturing overseas. However, our belts get better as they age! When you choose a Saddleback Leather Belt, you will get value for your money, North American craftsmanship. There is no better belt to hold your pants up with comfort and style for life!

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