Medium Leather Satchel

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Hi, it's Cross Munson, Dad's son. I started Hogsback when I was 9. I wanted a leather satchel but my dad's satchels were too heavy for me. He told me he'd teach me how to design a lightweight satchel but it needed to be really high quality and not have any breakable parts. So I drew up some sketches, we went to the factory in Mexico, and I worked with a prototype guy to come up with the Small Leather Satchel. When I was 10 and 11 I carried that satchel everywhere. Now that I'm older I needed a leather satchel a little bit bigger to hold more books. I wanted it to be really lightweight so it's unlined, but since it's made from pigskin it's still really tough and has a 100 year warranty. You should buy one.

Product Details
100 Year Warranty
9”W x 7.5“H x 2“D
Weight:  0.6lbs


(3 reviews) Write a Review

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    Great for keeping your pants pockets empty.

    In the modern age, we men have to carry more things in our pockets. I never liked cargo pants and I was getting tired of settling off my car alarm or garage door (I have a pocket garage door opener). Every time I’d go to sit down I felt like I was going through security at the airport. Emptying my pockets. I have a lot of bags and satchels but many were too big for just getting around. I don’t like having to carry around large bags when I’m just running errands. This bag is great for all the things that would be in my pocket fit in this bag. Phone (iPhone 14 pro) fits in the front. Ridiculous amount of keys I carry fit the inside back pocket. Other miscellaneous items fit in the main inside pocket. Receipts. Fit in the outside rear pocket. Super lightweight so I forgot I even have it on. Getting into the car, I just toss it onto the passenger seat. One of my favorite saddleback bags. Well done Cross.

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    Favorite bag yet

    I have a couple of Saddleback bags and they're built like battleships, but to be honest I need a more casual, lightweight bag for things like coffee runs and going to the office. This bag is big enough for my everyday carry while being lightweight, handsome, and tough enough that I know it'll last me for a very long time. Underrated gem.

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    Medium satchel

    I received my medium satchel today, it so pretty, it is small for my taste but still usable, I tend to put a lot of things in my bags/ totes. Seems pretty strong material. I wished it had a back pocket though, I love the pocket inside.
    In general I like it.