Little Big Mouth Toiletry Bag

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The little brother of our popular Big Mouth Toiletry Bag, this is the perfect solution to keep you organized. The ladies like it for a makeup kit bag, and it’s also great for a small tool kit, an emergency medical kit, or an overnight Dopp kit.


The body of the bag is made from a single piece of full-grain leather, for lightweight strength. The hinged Big Mouth opening closes securely and opens wide so it’s easy to see your things in the bag. I lined it with pigskin on the slick side, so any spills are easily wiped out. There’s a full-length pocket on both sides. Single buckle closure with two pull tabs that are hidden under the strap when closed. This bag is big enough to be really useful but small enough to disappear into a tote, briefcase, backpack or duffle bag.

Product Details

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Dimensions (approximate size):

H = 4"
W = 10 ½"
D = 3 ⅜"
W = 1.10lbs

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