Leather Tote Organizer

3.00 lb




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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Every design we make is made with only full grain leather and lined with pigskin. This leather tote organizer is no exception. 

This organizer fits perfectly inside the Simple Leather Tote. It has tons of pockets: Two exterior pockets (one front, one back), two outside pen/pencil pockets, three inner pockets on the front and back (six interior pockets total). The organizer also has an interior key fob and is finished inside with pigskin. Exterior pockets are unlined and will stretch with use. This leather tote organizer insert is exactly what you need to stay organized.

Fits In

Simple Tote

Giant Weekend Tote

Women's Leather Tote

Anniversary Leather Tote

Zipper Leather Tote

Saddleback Weatherproof Canvas Tote


Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Exterior: 14.70" x 7.40" x 3.10"
Two Exterior Pockets: 5.50" each
Two Exterior Pen Pockets: 1.10" each
Six Inside Pockets: 4.80" x 6.2"
Weight: 1.54 lbs

The story behind this leather bag
There are a few products in the Love 41 lineup that I felt compelled to design because so many people begged and pleaded for them, this is one of them. The Tote Organizer is the perfect companion for all your totes because it has lots of designated spaces that you can use to organize your messy bags. It's our very first removable organizer and I love it because it will make all you ladies out there happy and organized, the wannabes and even the disorganized! If you're tired of constantly digging around through your tote (or even worse, your husband or kids digging around!), the Tote Organizer is exactly what you need!


(16 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Absolutely awesome

    I have used it now for over 4 years in one of my purses from Love 41and I absolutely adore this piece. It fits right in and has so many pockets!!! I Can not say enough about this company... I have many many pieces and appreciate each one. I will ONLY buy leather from this company!!!

  • 5
    This is a game changer!!!

    I just have to say, this organizer is the best I have ever tried. I own several for some of my floppy bags, and they were just kind of uncomfortable inside my bags. But this baby is awesome!! It is gorgeous, and fits so much in the little pockets! I will be getting another one soon.

  • 5
    There is no better organizer on the market

    No expenses were spared on this organizer. Nothing else is like it on the market. Leather + pigskin!!! Although it is almost the same price of the simple tote bag, it is worth the extra expense. I hope that Love41 makes a smaller version of the organizer to fit into the smaller/medium Love 41 purses (bucket tote? purses? ect!). This really takes the simple tote up an extra level---b/c it such a well designed product. I bought it thinking I *may* not use it, but as soon as I put it in my tote I didn't wanna take it out.

  • 5
    Stop wasting time!

    If you are reading this.. you are wasting valuable time. Just add to your cart and pay for the best invention since slice bread.

    As a male Doctor, i have found the simple tote to be a life long companion. I have had this for over 6 years or there abouts and it's aging finely. It fits in everything i need for work. Food fask, saddle back journal water bottle, kindle etc. Fast forward to 2020..i have be delibating about the insert.. *to be or not to be* . Well.. TO BE!! Listen, as a someone who takes pride in his organizational skills, this pieces is the BESTEST ever. It makes access to my necessities a breeze and it keeps my tote from slouching. Buy buy buy buy.. even if you don't need it, buy buy buy. Support the cause which Saddleback stands for. Thank you #teamsaddleback. I would never stop buying.

  • 5
    Took the plunge

    I know you are thinking, it cost almost as much as the bag itself, should I? YES, this is always a great investment whether or not you use it everyday. I like to pack in a lot so it can get heavy, so its nice to be able to remove in and out of the tote if I want something simpler. It basically turns any bag into a laptop bag or office bag. Fits a 15 laptop with ease with the charger, mouse and anchor battery brick with room for more. It can even be a caddy for makeup and would look great filled with yarn in a craft room. Very roomy, see the video from Suzette and you will see the snug fit. I mean.. possibilities are endless. Has a stiffness in the tobacco that may soften but stiffer than the tote itself, due to the linings.