Leather Tote Organizer

3.00 lb




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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Every design we make is made with only full grain leather and lined with pigskin. This leather tote organizer is no exception. 

This organizer fits perfectly inside the Simple Leather Tote. It has tons of pockets: Two exterior pockets (one front, one back), two outside pen/pencil pockets, three inner pockets on the front and back (six interior pockets total). The organizer also has an interior key fob and is finished inside with pigskin. Exterior pockets are unlined and will stretch with use. This leather tote organizer insert is exactly what you need to stay organized.

Fits In

Simple Tote

Giant Weekend Tote

Women's Leather Tote

Anniversary Leather Tote

Zipper Leather Tote

Saddleback Weatherproof Canvas Tote


Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
Exterior: 14.70" x 7.40" x 3.10"
Two Exterior Pockets: 5.50" each
Two Exterior Pen Pockets: 1.10" each
Six Inside Pockets: 4.80" x 6.2"
Weight: 1.54 lbs

The story behind this leather bag
There are a few products in the Love 41 lineup that I felt compelled to design because so many people begged and pleaded for them, this is one of them. The Tote Organizer is the perfect companion for all your totes because it has lots of designated spaces that you can use to organize your messy bags. It's our very first removable organizer and I love it because it will make all you ladies out there happy and organized, the wannabes and even the disorganized! If you're tired of constantly digging around through your tote (or even worse, your husband or kids digging around!), the Tote Organizer is exactly what you need!


(16 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    All future designs should be built around this!

    This is a love, love piece! All future bags should be designed around it.....including some SLB pieces! Id have a much larger collection if I could easily lift the contents of one bag and slip into another that fit this organizer. This luscious leather piece is genius!!

  • 5
    OCD Perfection!!!

    Listen up!!! If you are OCD and have a NEED to be organized PURCHASE THIS NOW! Do not wait another second! I am a designer bag FREAK! I have had so many and the one bag that I ever regretted selling was my Love41 Pocket Tote! The reasoning is simple! There are NO OTHER BAGS LIKE THESE! The mission behind them is awesome as well! I recently purchased a Frye Riviana LARGE Tote! I was searching high and low for a purse organizer and stumbled across a review of this lovely piece! Words dont do this justice. Worth every single penny! This organizer fits perfectly inside my new Frye bag!!! Thank you so so so much for making this piece! I will treasure it and it is NOT ever being sold! I purchased the Love41 gray/black to match the lighter interior w/soft black pin stripes of the interior. The darker color options would match the darker Frye interiors! Again, you cant go wrong with this piece!!! :)

  • 5
    Oh so organized!

    This tote organizer is a perfect fit to my simple tote. Before this organizer, I use to use all sorts of cases to keep organized but it gets to be a pain trying to remember which case has what in it. Now I have a visual of what I need and get to it easily. Best of all, the key thingy makes it easier to locate my keys right away rather than having to search through the bottom of the bag. I do like the idea of being able to move this organizer from one bag to another.

  • 5
    I didnt know I could love my tote more!

    I purchased this as a birthday present for myself. I have carried the Simple tote in tobacco for years and love it. Adding this tote organizer makes me even more excited to carry it everyday! Thanks for changing my life again, Suzette!

  • 5
    So glad I bought this...

    I was having a bit of a challenge justifying this purchase primarily because I organize my EDC using multiple pouches. So glad I took the plunge! The organizer fits in my SBL Leather Tote. I'm also super glad that I can get it to work in my SBL bucket, too. The leather is still stiff, however, I know things will soften over time. I'm really enjoying the organizer. I love the bunch of pockets in the organizer. While I love my pouch organizers, I do like being able to look into the bag and seeing things right away without having to unzip a pouch. This is a good buy!