Expandable Zipper Leather Tote

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Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Leather- For any leather tote bag or travel bag you're thinking about buying, check to see it is made with full grain leather. This is so important because if the leather doesn't have the grain on it, it will look dumpy or fall apart with persistant use. Every leather hide come with the top layer all grain. Those are the tough and resistant tightly woven fibers that naturally protect the cow. But the hide is thick, so the tannery usually splits it in half, the top from the bottom. So now they have two hides to sell. One expensive hide with all of the strong long lasting grain on it and one cheap low quality hide that looks nice but isn't. If you wonder why one leather tote or travel bag lasts longer and is more expensive than another, it is for this main reason.

Lining- We line it with a plush face down pigskin so it has that luxurious suede look. But it's not just good looking, it's actually stronger than the cowskin. It's so impressive. 

Zippers- Of all of the zippers that we could have chosen in the world to put on this leather tote bag, we chose a special yet expensive zipper from Spain. You may find yourself sitting there zipping and unzipping it over and over again. It is strangely satisfyingly smooth.

Expanding Fabric- A tightly woven waxed canvas from Scotland. It's from an old mill in Scotland that we found that perhaps makes the highest quality and most tightly woven waxed canvas in the world. It is in a tartan pattern that will set this leather travel bag off when exposed. 

This leather tote has a timeless style and is our only leather travel bag with a top zipper making it the best travel bag around! It is expandable for an additional 5 inches of interior space and contains multiple interior pockets for your cell phone or other important items. It also has an adjustable leather strap for shoulder or crossbody carry and padded leather carry handles. 

Product Details
41-Year Warranty
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Exterior Unzipped: 18" x 16.75" x 7"
Exterior Zipped: 18" x 12"
Adjustable Strap: 31"-63"
Weight: 3.60 lbs

The story behind this leather tote bag
This is my "Go To" travel bag every time I travel. Hands down this is the most versatile leather tote bag ever! The two sizes in one allow me to use it for everyday and as my overnight flight bag on long trips. For my long flights, I use this to carry a change of clothes for myself and my two kids, melatonin, travel toothbrushes, malaria meds, passports, cell phone, snacks and much more. Every time I use this zippered leather tote, I get asked about it. The Crossbody style, over the shoulder or by the handles, it allow me to carry it with ease. This leather tote bag will not disappoint!

As always, the purchase of this zippered leather tote bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.


(29 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    So Well Designed

    I bought this bag as a weekender bag; I've used it several times in this capacity and it works good! I stuff a packing cube in it and also get my Lands End toiletry bag in there. This is of course with it fully unzipped across the middle and also at the top sometimes. I do sometimes wish Love 41 had an even bigger bag though. I don't find it particularly heavy; the cross body strap really helps. The leather on the bag is beautiful, the built quality is superb, and I just love the design! How many bags can you unzip and have a totally different bag!

  • 5
    A tote that truly does it all!

    This tote truly can do it all! I was a little skeptical at the size before buying this bag. Not because of any reason other than I wanted to use it as a “do it all - everyday bag with a twist”. I was worried it might be too big at first. Well, I am SO glad I went for it! This tote is gorgeous, functional, and super handy! The chestnut is incredible! This color is seriously awesome! The inside pockets are the best! I find myself putting the handles over my shoulder (little tight but works!) and I use the crossbody strap all the time as well! I get so many compliments on this bag! Men and women both! I also wouldn’t be being totally honest if I didn’t add that my friends and I recently went to a BYOB wedding and could easily fit two six packs in there and it still zipped! Ha! That got me a lot of points and now everyone loves my “Poppins” bag as much as me! Going for the most redneck handbag review of all time here folks! :rofl: But on a more serious note - if you are on the fence, totally give this bag a try. It is absolutely awesome and fits so much while still looking polished and hello 41 year warranty! Oh! And the handles are the most comfortable handles of all time! They are so soft and cushion-y and very surprisingly stay on my shoulder when I carry it that way! Ps - thank you so much Suzette for the surprise! So grateful! I just know I will be carrying this bag for years and years and years to come!

  • 5
    Absolutely gorgeous

    I have been thinking about purchasing this tote for awhile now, and finally decided to just get it. Well, I absolutely, absolutely love this tote. I love everything about it. I purchased it in the chestnut color, and this chestnut is the most rich, warm, luxurious chestnut ever!!!! It is gorgeous. Soooo gorgeous. I love that it has a zipper closure and keeps everything contained. The handles are cushioned and comfortable and it can be worn easily with the shoulder strap. I love how the bag cleverly expands and a gorgeous tartan canvas from Scotland pops out and adds even more beauty to the bag, if that’s even possible!!! This bag is a beauty, I highly recommend it.

  • 5
    Zipper Tote Chestnut

    This tote is a beast! In all-leather mode, it holds as much as the Large Urban Tote. In expanded mode, it becomes luggage! I did several videos showing how much it can hold; you can definitely do a weekend or use this as your carry-on item and fit pretty much anything you want. It is quite heavy when fully packed, so the generous padded handles and long crossbody strap are very useful. I'm added a shoulder pad when I take it on the airplane. The bag is totally and utterly beautiful. The inside pockets are very generous.

  • 5
    Zipper Leather Tote

    Purchased on December 29, 2020. Still not have received. ETA February 7, 2021. No guaranty on delivery date. Why I never use USPS for ANY mail for New Zealand. I selected World Saver for freight... Saddleback changed the freight to USPS:(