Pocket Leather Tote

2.50 LBS
14.25 (in)
11.50 (in)
5.25 (in)

Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
Leather- Full Grain leather is the key to longlasting quality leather tote bags. Here's why. The top layer of leather is called the Grain. It's like the top layer of a roof is called shingles. That layer is super protective, keeps moisture in, because it is full of tightly woven together fibers that protect the animal. Because hides are thick, the tannery usually splits the bottom half of the hide off from the top half and now is able to sell two hides. The top one with the full grain and the bottom one without grain. Low quality companies buy the bottom half because it's super cheap and we buy the expensive top half. If a leather tote bag is made from the bottom half of the hide (genuine or split leather) then it will dry out, receive stains easily and pull apart easily too. 

This leather tote bag is extremely functional because it has lots of pockets for all of your stuff and will help you stay organized! It has two handles or easy carrying (either in your hand or over your shoulder) as well as a longer, detachable shoulder strap.

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
14.25" x 11.50" x 5.25"
Two Front & Rear Exterior Pockets: 6" x 8" x 1"
Interior Pockets: 7" x 8.50" x 1"
Hidden Pockets (Behind Interior Flap Pockets): 4" x 7.50" x 1"
Shoulder Drop: Approximately 11.50"
Detachable Shoulder Strap: 44"-61"  
Weight: 2.50 lbs

The story behind this leather tote bag
Shortly after man invented pants, he invented pockets because everyone has a lot of stuff to carry. If you appreciate the importance of pockets, you'll really love the brand new Love 41 Pocket Leather Tote! This two-tone, all leather beauty is super stylish and all the pockets will really help you stay organized. If you've got oodles of things to carry this is the tote bag for you!