Front Pocket Leather ID Wallet

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Product Overview

The Front Pocket ID wallet has 3 card slots and one window ID slot. The center cash compartment is stitched only on two opposite corners. The length and placement of this stitching is the product of a very long R&D process. The purpose of this design is to allow cash to be slid in and out easily, while still holding it securely. By leaving two corners unsewn, it allows the whole wallet to flex and expand evenly, based on the amount of cash and the number of cards you're carrying. It's a very subtle design feature that makes a huge difference in day-to-day use. This wallet was built with full-grain leather. Leather naturally has grain, which is the tough fibers located at the hide's surface. Some places neuter the leather by shaving some or all of the grain (watch how they shave it here minute 6:30) to get rid of any scars or bites that might be there, but the grain is the toughest part of the hide and what makes the leather patina so nicely and makes the wallet last so long. When they remove some of the grain, we call it top grain leather. When they remove all of the grain, it's called genuine leather. I call it neutered leather. And they do it so they don't have to cut around any scars which results in a dumpster filled with a lot of wasted expensive leather. It's why full-grain leather is so expensive and why this leather wallet isn't exactly cheap. We line the wallet with pigskin, which is a tougher skin than the cow skin. It's how we feel confident offering a 100-year Warranty on a leather wallet.

The reason cashiers and friends will compliment you on this wallet is because of the Full Grain leather ages so handsomely. The reason you'll compliment us is because of the little details in the design. For instance, the ID window doesn't have plastic in it because that always dries and cracks and gets cloudy and then your wallet is toast. With no plastic in the design, you can slide your ID out of the wallet easily with your thumb. 

The cash fits in the cash slot just deep enough so it sticks out a tad bit so you can get it out easily. Please know that this wallet comes stiff and will stretch out.  The two front card slots of the wallet will stretch out to fit 4 or 5 credit cards each and the slot behind the ID window will fit 2 or 3. But again, to get that many cards in those slots, it will take some time for the leather to relax.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
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Dimensions (W x H x D)
4" x 3"
Weight: 0.10 lbs

How I hide my emergency cash from my wife in my wallet
I have a wonderful wife. I really do, BUT the one thing she used to do that caused many a fight was take the cash out of my wallet without mentioning it. You know, if the pizza guy was at the door and my wallet was anywhere near, she would pull all of the cash I had in there to pay the guy instead of walking over to her wallet to use her cash. So what I started to do was to tuck an emergency $20 bill in the slot behind the ID window so I would always have cash with me for cash only parking lots or tipping of some sort. But she found that cash too and would clean me out. I'm generally a pretty nice and mild mannered guy, but not after I had to repark the car and walk to an ATM to get cash to get out of the parking lot because all of my cash was gone out of my wallet. And there was always a really good excuse too. Now I know why my dad would get so upset at my mom for doing the exact same thing for their whole marriage. So now here's what I do. And since Suzette doesn't read anything I write or talk about or watch any of my videos, I can tell you this great tip and she'll never know. So, I put cash in the normal cash part of this wallet and I also "hide" a $20 bill in the secret slot behind the ID window. And she knows about that hidden money. But she has no clue about the extra cash I hide behind my Driver's License right in the ID window of this wallet. I've been stashing cash there for about 7 years and she still has no idea. And you can do it in your wallet too.