Front Pocket Leather ID Wallet


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100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D) 
4.00" x 3.00" x 0.37""
Weight: 0.10 lbs

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This is an excellent wallet. Just perfect for carrying all you essential items. Highly recommend.

Glenn S.


I ordered my wallet right before the big freeze in TX but Saddleback still came through after just a little pause. The wallet has that new cow smell and is the perfect solution for my minimalist needs. It fits all my cards all in one near package
John D.


Perfect size for front pocket carry. Well made and carries just the cards I use comfortably.

Wayne W.

This leather wallet was designed to be unnoticable in the front pocket. To give it the smallest profile of any wallet like it, I designed it with the top and side unsewn so cash folds and then slides in and is easy to pull out without pulling out your whole wad. Then along the bottom, the leather of the wallet was left unsewn just enough so the cash can sink down to the edge instead of down to the stitching. But not too much so the cash can fall out the bottom. It took a long time to design the right amount. 

There are two card slots to stack 5 or 6 cards in as the leather stretches. One spot for cards or a fishing license behind the ID window and then space enough to slide cards in behind the ID. That’s where I keep a folded up $20 bill that my wife can’t find, just in case. 

Lining - Instead of using a thin shiny and pretty nylon fabric for wallet lining, we line this leather wallet with pigskin, which is tougher than the cow leather. That attached to our super tough full grain leather is how we can offer a 100-year Warranty.

Thread - And then we sewed it with a German marine-grade polyester continuous filament thread. It's as strong and resistant of a thread as we could find. It's what they sail ship sails and parachutes with. For if your life depends on it kind of thread. It’s WAY more expensive than the common nylon thread, but it lasts way longer. 

Leather - The reason cashiers will compliment you on your leather wallet is because we made it with full grain so it ages way more nicely because it still has all of the pores on it. Lesser leather wallets had the pores removed so oils and dirt can't set in. 

This is important. This is a Full Grain leather wallet. Let me explain. A hide of leather is like a roof. A roof is thick, but it's the thin top layer of shingles that keep the water and dirt out and protect the house. The tough "shingles" of leather is the thin layer of grain on the hide's top. But low level leather wallet manufacturers shave the top layer off to get rid of icky scars so they don't have to cut out the scars and throw away the leather. Every penny to them is pure business. But in doing so, they're shaving the shingles off of your house. How wrong is that? They neuter the leather and take away what its leatherhood, the tough quality that leather is known for. We only use leather that has all of the grain (full grain). When they remove some of the grain, it's called top grain leather. When they sand or split off ALL of the grain, it's called genuine or split leather. A full grain leather wallet is not easy to come by and not cheap to build.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
4" x 3"
Weight: 0.10 lbs

How I hide my emergency cash from my wife in my wallet

I have a wonderful wife. I really do, BUT the one thing she used to do that caused many a fight was take the cash out of my wallet without mentioning it. You know, if the pizza guy was at the door and my wallet was anywhere near, she would pull all of the cash I had in there to pay the guy instead of walking over to her wallet to use her cash. So what I started to do was to tuck an emergency $20 bill in the slot behind the ID window so I would always have cash with me for cash only parking lots or tipping of some sort. But she found that cash too and would clean me out. I'm generally a pretty nice and mild mannered guy, but not after I had to repark the car and walk to an ATM to get cash to get out of the parking lot because all of my cash was gone out of my wallet. And there was always a really good excuse too. Now I know why my dad would get so upset at my mom for doing the exact same thing for their whole marriage. So now here's what I do. And since Suzette doesn't read anything I write or talk about or watch any of my videos, I can tell you this great tip and she'll never know. So, I put cash in the normal cash part of this wallet and I also "hide" a $20 bill in the secret slot behind the ID window. And she knows about that hidden money. But she has no clue about the extra cash I hide behind my Driver's License right in the ID window of this wallet. I've been stashing cash there for about 7 years and she still has no idea. And you can do it in your wallet too.  

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Front Pocket Leather ID Wallet

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