Front Pocket Leather ID Wallet

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Voted #1 best front pocket wallet for men by Lifehacker forum members. They took a poll of which small front pocket wallet was the best available. Of the several thousands of people voting, this Front Pocket ID Wallet got over 50% of the vote.
Full Description This full grain leather wallet is not for the light of heart nor the back pocket.

  • This big wallet was built with full grain leather. All leather is made up of fibers, but the fibers closest to the surface are the toughest and strongest. Lesser companies use shaved hides to get rid of any icky icky character scars that the cow acquired during his life. But when the scars are shaved off, so is the grain which is best part of the leather.. It’s what makes a wallet age so nicely and last so long. When they shave most of the grain off, it’s called top grain leather. When the take off all of the grain, it’s called genuine or split leather. The reason they use that leather is so they don’t have to cut around the scars and throw that leather away. There ought to be a law. This is why full grain leather wallets are so expensive.

  • Not only do we use great cow leather, but we line the entire wallet with pigskin, which is stronger than the cow. Can you see how we can offer a 100 year Warranty.? And then we sewed it with our excessively strong marine grade polyester thread. It’s what they sew parachutes and ship sails with.

  • RFID Protection in Between
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