Puppies for Tacos


Saddleback Story - Puppies for Tacos

Just about every night, Blue and I went to an open air taco restaurant in Ixtapan de la Sal where we lived in the State of Mexico. They had the best tacos in town and unless someone invited me elsewhere, Blue and I could be found at that fine dining taco establishment eating 6 Tacos al Pastor with a slice of pineapple, cilantro, lime, salt and their amazing red salsa... "no onion por favor" every night.

Well, I would park the Land Cruiser in front of the open air restaurant and Blue would sit on the tailgate staring at them cooking and cutting the meat. One night, one of the brothers/owners told me that his kids (who worked there) really wanted a dog just like Blue. So, I told them that Blue's current girlfriend, Frida was having puppies and I got to pick one out for my stud fee. I suggested that we trade tacos for puppies. We agreed on 100 tacos in exchange for one puppy.

Saddleback Story - Blue and Frida

As fate would have it, about 5 months later, their puppy was stolen and at the same time, I was getting another stud fee puppy from a different lab named Frida (He ended up having 3 "Special friends" named Frida and for years, Blue still wagged his tail hard when I would say the name Frida). We agreed on the same puppy for 100 tacos deal again.

It worked out really well for everyone (especially Blue), because since Sept. 11th, 2001 I hadn't sold a thing and I was hurting for food money.