Snap on Snap Off Leather Shoulder Pad


Product Overview

Manufactured to the highest quality standards

The leather shoulder pad is made from full-grain (i.e. super tough!) leather and have been crafted to the highest quality standards in Old Mexico.


Unlike our hair, cows are waterproof, right? That’s because the top part of their hide has tightly woven fibers. Our leather is produced keeping all of the natural grain intact (the reason it is called full-grain leather). No scars are shaven or sanded off because that process leaves only a small portion of the grain intact (which is known as top-grain leather). Because full-grain leather is the strongest cow leather on the planet (and the most beautiful in our opinion) that is why we choose to use it. 


Having these will be a great addition to any Crossbody, Tote, Backpack or Leather Bag to give additional support and padding.  

Product Details

41 year warranty                                                                                                                                                          

Dimensions (W x H x D)

2.3” x 6.6” x .19”

Weight: .05

Changing Lives Together with Leather 

Did you know that with every purchase, you are making a difference around the world by loving others in need through education, food, shelter, sharing God's Word & job training? Love 41 gives 100% of its profit away!

The story behind this leather bag

A lot of you have been asking for these extra parts and so once again, we are delivering. We ladies come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes we need additional support in many different areas :-). The shoulder pad will help ease the extra weight that we often put in our bags by comforting our shoulders.