Our leather tote bags are not just designed to look good, but to look good two generations from now. We believe quality is the most important part of design.

Our full grain leather is the key to a leather tote bag lasting for 100 years and looking good too. Don't imagine this, but imagine a cow is killed and skinned and the hide that goes to the tannery is very thick. So, the tannery splits the top half from the bottom and now has two hides to sell. The top layer of the hide has the toughest and tightest fibers and is called The Grain. It is very strong but expensive, so only the high quality companies like us buy that Full Grain leather. The bottom half of the hide, called Genuine or Split leather, is sold to low quality leather tote bag and purse makers. Grain to leather is what shingles are to a roof. Buying a leather tote bag without grain is like paying someone to put a new roof on your home without shingles.

Totes sewn with low cost low quality nylon thread will fall apart quickly because it’s made from a whole lot of really short fibers wound together to make a long thread. Those fibers release from eachother with light friction, heat and sunlight and the leather tote bag falls apart. Our expensive German thread was engineered for durability and strength. It is made from long continuous filaments of Polyester. Now Polyester thread is the best there is for sewing leather tote bags together forever, but bad for almost everything else. Polyester bedding causes bad sleep and Polyester clothing can cause infertility and skin problems. Read my findings here.

Instead of lining our leather totes with some shiny pretty nylon fabric that tears, we glue and sew tough yet luxurious feeling pigskin to the back of the already tough and thick full grain leather of the tote bag. Since the pigskin is tougher than the cowskin, our leather totes now last twice as long as a cheaply lined tote.
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